… Love the Act of Flirting!

Don’t you just hate when life gets so busy you can’t do the things you love?  Well that’s been me over the last week!  Between work, keeping up with my fitness, and trying to date, I barely have a minute to relax and write a blog.  And it didn’t help that our country’s race issues has had me glued to the news, which has been taking up the rest of my little free time.  As difficult as these weeks have been for me to focus on Curvy Girls Can, I am forcing myself this week to write about something fun, light and positive because… we’ll I think we all need, right?  So this week, I’m talking about the act of flirting!  Why flirting you ask?  Well, as I mentioned earlier, I am trying to date again after a bad sour break up and it’s making me realize how much I miss the art of flirting.  I forgot how much flirting comes into play when you’re in the “talking” phase of getting to know someone and those verbal and physical ques that give off that emoticon with the heart eyes and smile feeling (you know what I’m talking about).  Now, I’m going to admit that I am not the most seductive or flirty girl, but as I keep my dating options open I’m getting better at flirting in general. Maybe it’s because I know what I want or it’s the fact that I no longer want to waste time dating someone who isn’t right for me; either way the flirting has me feeling like a little fancy-free college girl again!  So this week, I’m going to give you some tips that will get you into the flirty mood, no matter if your in a LTR or playing the field like yours truly!

The first thing I want to make clear is that we’re all on the same page when it comes to what I mean by flirting.  According to Dictionary.com, flirting means: to court triflingly or act amorously without serious intentions; play at love.  I want you to keep that in mind because sexting (aka sending naughty pics) is constantly confused for flirting.  I would leave the sexting, if you’re into it, to sending in a committed relationship and not casual dating.  Trust me, no one needs to have their goodies on display on the internet (leave that to the porn stars who are getting paid).  Ok let’s get down to it!

Flirting Tip 1: Emoticons have made things easier when it comes to sharing affection to a potential or long term boo, but sometimes they can get annoying when they’re used constantly.  I would use them sparingly and try to be creative with your words instead. One thing that I like doing is sending a good morning text to send a fun, flirt message that reminds this potential datee that I’m thinking of him.  Try out a quick “Mornin’ Sunshine! I’m looking forward to you seein’ ya tonight!  Have an awesome day;)”

Flirting Tip 2: Touching is such an important part of flirting, but being too touchy in the wrong places can make things go in a directions that you might not want.  If you’re not a touchy/feely girl (like myself), here is a great tip to let your suitor know you’re interested. When he says something sweet or nice, give a little touch on the arm or grab his hand.  If you’re waiting in line to get into a concert, rub the small of his back a little or if you’re cuddling, take his hand and give it a little peck.  My favorite way to incorporate touch into my flirting game is sneaking in touches in public.  Putting my hand on his thigh under the table at dinner or pulling him in close to whisper something into his ear at a busy bar.  It’s all innocent enough, but give a little bit of a sexy vibe to flirting.

Flirting Tip 3: Verbal ques are SOO important when flirting!  How is a man suppose to know that you’re interested?  I’ve learned that men need to be told what you want and that beating around the bush won’t work.  I firmly believe you can say something sexy like, “You’re making me so hot right now,” can come out all wrong if you don’t watch your tone and delivery.  You don’t want to sound like you’re so desperately DTF or like you’d rather be somewhere else, so try to remember that when you’re giving compliments.  I also use humor to flirt by adding in an inside joke or maybe a silly nickname to remind him of another amazing time we had is great!

Flirting Tip 4: Body Language is my favorite way to flirt; I think there is something so sexy about letting someone know you’re into them with body ques.  Of course, there’s winking blowing kisses, etc., but I always get positive feedback with my facial expressions.  Having an overly expressive face is a blessing and a curse because you know exactly how I feel about things instantly!  With flirting, men know fairly soon that I’m interested in them. Another way to use your body to flirt is by dancing; there have been many-a-time when a few body rolls and shaking my booty has gotten me another date.  I do want to warn, I’m not saying to start grindin’ and twerkin’ on a dude because you might send the wrong message; understand when and where to use body language is key!

Not a bad list to keep your flirting skill sharp, right?  Clearly, I’m still trying to refine my flirting skill, but I hope that this little blog helps you to see that doing what your comfortable is the best way to flirt.  If you’re a little more sexual and your comfortable sending a naughty text to your boo of a few months, then more power to ya, hunny.  Or maybe you’re on the shy side and like to use body language to flirt… all of it is great, as long as you’re comfortable!  If you have a special way of flirting that I didn’t mention, comment below because I want to hear it:)






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