… be a Pro Packer!

If you remember from a couple months ago, I decided to plan a solo vaca to unplug, relax, and love life again!  And guess what?  The trip is less than a month away!!!  I am overly excited about it and I’m seriously dreaming of the day I get on a plane and head out of town (that was a hint for those who keep wanting to know).  As I start to prepare for the trip, I’ve begun to put together my packing list of essentials to get me through my trip. And no I’m not talking undies and toothpaste… I’m talkin’ about my special pack list that always accompanies me when I travel.  Everyone has their set of items that are go-to for traveling, so this week I thought it would be a good idea to share my list!  Throughout the next few weeks, you’ll see more and more about the solo vacation and how I’m prepping for it, especially because I know you guys wanna know more about it.  Also, I’ll be dropping clues, hints, and other fun surprises on my social media accounts, so be sure to check those out as well! Ok, let’s get to me essential pro-packer list!

A Curvy Girl’s Essential Pack List!

  • No matter if I’m traveling to a hot or cold weather location, I always throw chaffing gel in my bag!  This perfect for those times when things are rubbing together that shouldn’t and it can also work as a primer for make (holla for a double duty product!).
  • A new product that I’m adding to my arsenal is SuperGoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist with spf 50!   The clean and refreshing mist smelled like beautiful rosemary and keeps your look fresh for the day.  I also LOVE that it has spf 50 in it; sometimes with face sunscreen it leaves my face feeling oily, but this mist gives a nice, healthy glow instead!
  • Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny has been in my travel bag for YEARS!  I literally use a tiny bit everyday to tame fly aways, while giving my hair a little shine.  It’s one of the best hair products out there and is amazing for styling wet hair into a straight look.
  • When I’m vacationing sleeping in is a necessity, so I always bring a sleep mask.  It’s perfect for a late flight or just catching some winks after a long night of partying. And honestly, it’s just a fun and cute sleep accessory!
  • Before I head out of town, I love to get a fresh blow out (total guilty pleasure).  To maintain it for a few days, I wear a satin bonnet to bed, but in the last few months, I discovered Satin-Line Cap by Grace Eleyae!  I am literally OBSESSED with their caps because they can be worn out in public and still look fashionable (hello, variety of colors!).  It works with all lengths of hair and can be worn in different style, but the great thing is that the satin lining protects your style and leave your hair more manageable in the morning… #winning!
  • A #1 favorite product to pack for a trip are essential oils by Young Living!  I’m a crazy oil lady, but many of the oils that I use can be used for multiple uses.  The 3 oils that I always pack no matter what are Lavender (great for allergies, scrapes, and a natural perfume), Peppermint (a lifesaver for headaches and tummy issues), and lastly, Thieves (this oil blend is for keeping your immune system on point when traveling). If any of the oils are too “spicy” for you, you can always pack a little Coconut Oil to mellow it out without losing the effectiveness!
  • When I start to get ready for my evening plans, I am addicted to getting ready in a Shower Wrap!  I started doing it in college and it’s perfect to keep cool without putting on PJ or shorts & tee.  After I lightly dry off from the shower, I throw it on and start my getting ready process.  The best part is that most have Velcro or a button closure, so there’s not pulling it over your head and messing up your hair… told you they’re addicting!
  • The last item I refuse to leave home without on a trip is Egyptian Magic!  I’ve mentioned this product in a past post, but it’s worth mentioning again.  When I’m traveling, especially when I’m on a plane when my skin gets so dry from the recycled air. Using a light coat of the jelly will not only moisturize your skin, but also help to give it a nice healthy glow.  I apply it before I head to the airport and then depending on the length of the flight, another time in the air.  It’s pretty amazing!

What are some of your must have essentials when traveling?  If you have a good one, take a pic, and tag me in it & use the hashtag #curvygirlessentials on Insta or Twitter!  I can’t wait to share some hints and clues to where I’m going… Stay tuned, Curvy Girls!




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