… be a Smoothie Queen!

I swear I didn’t abandon you ladies… this month has been on another level of crazy.  After the start of the New Year, I started a detox cleanse, had a nasty cold, got picked to be on a jury, and celebrated my birthday.  We’re barely into week 4 of the year and I’ve almost run myself ragged.  Luckily, I have a great support system with my friends & family who were able to keep my stress at bay these last few weeks.  Now as much as I’m sure you all want to hear about my stint as a juror on a criminal case (what a learning experience to keep your nose clean!), this week I wanted to share my experience on my detox cleanse! After a holiday filled with every kind of yummy foods you can imagine, I was in desperate need to detox to get back on track.  My normal eating habits were shot and I didn’t want to go on an insanely expensive juice cleanse, so when my sister introduced to me the Green Smoothie Cleanse, I was very intrigued.  Before I purchased the book, my sisters added me to the official Facebook group and I immediately saw success stories!  It sounded almost too good to be true… 10 pounds in 10 days of drinking green smoothie?  Ok, they had my full attention, so I purchased the book.  Once I received the book, I quickly read through it to see what the secret was to losing so much weight in no time at all.  To my surprise, there wasn’t a secret… people were just drinking the smoothies, eating the approved snacks, and having will power.  If that was all it took, I was game!  In the 10 days, I lost 6 pounds and may have lost a bit more if I wasn’t sicker than a dog for 50% of it (boo to sinus/head cold nonsense), but 6 pounds in 10 days is a pretty awesome success story if you ask me! And honestly, the cleanse was life changing and gave me a new way to change unhealthy habits that I’ve picked up along the holiday season.  So today, instead of sharing the details of my cleanse, I want to share 10 ways I was successful on this cleanse!

10 Ways to be a Green Smoothie Success

  1. Have a Partner!  An accountability partner was a big part of me finishing the cleanse! I was able to share struggles, successes, and it’s just nice having someone to chat with about the experience.  A good tip to follow is figuring out how you need this person keep you accountable.  Do you want him/her to shoot you a text with encouragement, listen to you when you’re feeling weak, or maybe it’s a combo.  Be sure to have a conversation with your accountability partner, so that you’re getting the support you need!  And don’t forget, the more the merrier; having more than 1 partner is helpful because its more people to keep you accountable if you feel like giving up.
  2. Prepare Yourself!  Being prepared is what will keep you on track when you’re on this cleanse.  So pre-making baggies with all of the smoothie ingredients will take stress off of you in the mornings when you’re trying to get out the door.  Also, be sure to prep your snacks!  The snacks really can be a life savor, so portion a few days worth of snacks that you quickly grab when you’re on your way out.
  3. Listen to Your Body!  This was a bit of a challenge for me the first couple days because I was use to eating larger portions.  Pay attention to the way you feel and the way your body is reacting to the smoothies.  If you’re feeling hungry, try water first before you grab the carrot sticks.  Being in tune with your body will help you to really understand your hunger and what it’s really craving.
  4. Don’t be Scared to Work Out!  This cleanse isn’t like one of those I-need-to-stay-near-the-bathroom cleanse, this one will give you a boost of energy!  Take advantage of the energy and add a little extra movement into your daily routine.  If it’s taking an evening walk or hitting the gym, keep your body moving.  Adding a little movement will only help with the results!
  5. Don’t Ignore Detox Symptoms!  I had 2-3 days of headaches and exhaustion from the cleanse, which I totally ignored.  I was pushing myself during that time when I should have listened to my body and rested.  The third day, I decided to stop trying to fight it and just go to bed early.  After a good nights rest, I felt a boost of energy and was ready to keep pushing through.
  6. Hide Your Scale!  I swear a scale can be your worst enemy when you’re detoxing! Last year my life was ruled by the scale and the smallest .2 lbs gained would throw me into a tale spin of defeat.  Instead of putting all of your focus on the numbers on the scale, see how your clothes are fitting along the process and how you look naked (yep, strip down in front of those mirrors, ladies). On day 6, I could tell that my stomach was flatter and that my pants were fitting looser in the waist!  For this cleanse, my rule of thumb is to hide your scale and weigh the morning of day 1 and 11 (your accountability partner can help you with the hiding!)
  7. Don’t Compare Your Success! This is sometimes a tough pill to swallow, but comparing your success to someone else’s can be defeating!  The success stories on the Facebook Group are to encourage and inspire, not to make you push harder to lose more than the people who are sharing testimonies.  Keep focused on what your journey and success are!
  8. Be Flexible!  One of the things I enjoyed love about the book was that JJ Smith, the author, mentions that flexibility is an option.  For example, if you think 10 days is too long for you to participate, try 5 days.  There are no hard and fast rules with this cleanse, so if you need to switch to modify to keep going because the full cleanse is too challenging, then do it!  This is all about you being successful in your own way, so do what you need to do to get to the finish line.
  9. Be Forgiving!  If you make a mistake along the way, don’t beat yourself up!  This is a lifestyle change and not a perfect contest, so if you get off track, acknowledge that you made a mistake, give yourself a pep-talk (think: It’s ok, I know I’m stronger than the handful of popcorn I had at the movies!  I WILL do better tomorrow), and move on to better decisions.
  10. Keep the Faith!  This isn’t an easy breezy cleanse at times, so keep the faith that you can do this!  If that means saying a prayer, keeping a chart of what you have had to drink or eat, or even texting your accountability partner several times a day to check-in, keeping that faith is important to completing the 10 days !  If you don’t believe that you can do, then your setting yourself up to fail.  Take it a day at a time (even an hour at a time if you have to) and just keep positive about the experience because I promise that this is worth it to feel better on the inside and outside.

Who is inspired from my list?  The benefits of the cleanse has changed my mindset on how I would look at food and given me a new perspective on how important my health and body are.  If you’re interested in trying the Green Smoothie Cleanse, I definitely recommend that you get the book (Amazon has the cheapest price), grab a friend or your #bae, and try it out!  I’ll be starting my next cleanse on Monday, so if you’re game, comment below and we’ll do it together. Until next time, Curvy Girls!




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