… Hit the Refresh Button!

My wonderful Curvy Girls… I have missed you and blogging!  I know it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and actually gave you a little hint into my life or shared fun info with you. Well like many people, 2016 was just fucking hard rough!  The break up, the ridiculous election, overloaded at work, and just trying to not eat myself into oblivion… I just need to take a little time to get it together and focus on making myself happy again.  It may sound like a little bit of a weak excuse for not blogging, but trust me when I say, getting advice or help from someone who is miserable isn’t a great idea.  So I took a little hiatus and I am happy to say, that I am ecstatic that it’s 2017 and that I am back to my fun-loving, silly self (Hallelujah!).  Ok, enough about why I ghosted you all… now it’s time to talk about the new year!

I literally can’t tell you how excited I was when the clock stuck midnight on 12/31/2016.  It sound silly, but I was felt like all of the craziness of last year melted away and I could get a fresh start.  Who doesn’t want a fresh start after a rocky year?  Exactly… EVERYONE!  So this week, I wanted to talk share my #refreshlist for 2017.  This isn’t a list of resolutions, but things that I want to accomplish, achieve, and will add value to my year. It’s important that with a fresh start that you think of things that will energize and make you happy, so that you don’t end up in a rut again.  I also should mention that you should be honest with yourself; self reflection is KEY with this process.  Having fantasies or whimsical dreams can lead you to a downward spiral if these things aren’t achievable, so keep the dreams and goals for your vision boards (remember how to be a Goal Visionary?).  Ok, enough talk.. on to the my #refreshlist!

The Curvy Girls 2017 #refreshlist

  • Read 6 books this year that will either make me laugh or think about life.
  • Listen to my body when it’s not feeling 100%.
  • Pray daily!
  • Go to Coachella and leave my worries at home!
  • Connect with old professional contacts and take them to lunch or coffee.
  • Read the whole Bible.
  • Get a massage every other month to relax.
  • Keep up with my bullet journal/planner.
  • Go to the beach more!
  • Disconnect from Social Media 1 day a month.
  • Cancel relationships that serve no purpose or add value to my life.
  • Blog more:)
  • Actually sleep in on the Saturdays!
  • Remember how blessed I am.
  • Go to brunch more and don’t feel guilty about getting bottomless mimosas.
  • Start Happy Hour Fridays again with friends.
  • Stop judging myself and others… We’re all human!
  • Actually go on the date and give the guy a chance.
  • Do my make up more… and take it off before bed.
  • Attend church regularly and apply the lesson to my life.
  • Go with the flow more… not everything has to be planned!
  • Love my life and self more and more each day:)

Are you ready to have a fresh start in 2017?  I’m sure you all said yes!  So let’s start out with making a #refreshlist (and use the hashtag and show me on social media) and putting it in a place where it can be seen daily.  This is OUR year Curvy Girls, so let start it off right!




One thought on “… Hit the Refresh Button!

  1. Love this! I can copy most of your goals! Need to declutter my life! Starting with material things and moving to the thoughts I have. Also need to work harder towards retirement goals! Counting down four years to R!


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