… Break Up with Stress!

What a week of craziness!  When it came to having a work/life balance this week, I didn’t fail miserably… well, not totally.  Like I mentioned it last week, fall seems to be the busiest time of the year for me and it’s super easy for me to get overwhelmed and stressed with everything going on.  Even though I have one of the most stressful jobs, I am by no mean great at dealing with it, especially if it feels like there isn’t light at the end of the tunnel.  Over the years, I tried so many different things to officially break up with stress and some things have worked wonders and other only added to my stress.  My years of trail and error have lead me to have my tried & true list of things to end stress and guess what, Curvy Girls?  Today, I’m sharing them with you on how to officially break up with stress!

Now I know there are a lot of different types of stress, so I’ll give you a little background of what was going on in my life when I share my tips below.  And trust me, the things that are my go-to’s aren’t the end all, be all of stress relief, but they can at least get the ball rolling for you to find your go-to cures.  Ok, let’s get to it!

The Curvy Girl’s Go-To’s to Break Up with Stress

  • Prayer has been one of the major things that has helped me deal with stress.  Taking a minute to say a pray or meditate can give you a needed mental break from what’s going on in life.  A time where I really used prayer to ease my stress was when I was dealing with the death of my father.  I wasn’t always comfortable talking to my friends or family about what I was going through, but having a conversation with God and getting some important things out that I wasn’t able to vocalize was so helpful. It wasn’t one of those processes that instantly took my stress away, but each prayer I said or thought was a step closer to feeling less overwhelmed and stressed.
  • Water Aerobics, especially water yoga has been the best physical way for me to de-stress. I discovered water yoga off of a Groupon over 5 years ago when I was traveling for work non-stop and stressed to the max!  I knew in the first class that this practice was exactly what I needed to get back to my normal, not stressed self.  The creator of H2yOga, Sue Gisser, starts the class with all asking for everyone to close their eyes and reflecting on their intention and all that they want to remove from their life. That quick 5-minutes to reflect before we started, was incredibly helpful to me to really push the stress out with each upward facing dog and zen frog.
  • Essential Oils are my jam!  I have learned so much about how oils can help you medically with ailments, but they are incredible for stress too.  I was introduced to oils from my best friend’s sister because I was getting horrible sinus headaches.  As I continued researching and looking at Pinterest to see how I can use the oils in different ways, I saw how effective they were to ease my daily stress.  From driving in rush hour traffic to dealing with lines at the grocery store, oils have kept me cool, calm, and collected over the last few years.  My go-to oils that I use almost daily are Young Living’s Stress Away, Lavender, and Joy.
  • Massages are one of my favorite ways to relieve stress, but isn’t always the cheapest route to go.  When I moved to LA and was looking for a job, I would treat myself to a monthly $25 foot massage.  I first heard about them from a girlfriend and wasn’t too keen on the idea (feet are gross and not my thing), but she took me along with her and I was hooked.  The hour-long massage relaxed me so much I fell asleep within 10 minutes!  I do still prefer a good full body massage (check Groupon for deals in your area), but for a cheap fix to keep the stress-low, the foot massage is a great option.
  • Sex is also one of those stress-relievers that not only kills stress, but leaves you feeling incredible after.  A little time in the between the sheets with you boo can definitely keep your mind off of what’s going on (don’t forget to be safe about it!), but those wonderful endorphins can give boost your spirits.  If you’re not booed up right now, then grab a little Bedroom Kandy massagers and find pure bliss by yourself!

Did you like those?  I know these all have reduced my stress levels and helped me to deal with whatever life is throwing my way!  What are your go-to stress relievers? Share them with me on IG by tagging #BreakingUpwithStress!  I can’t wait to see what you guys do.




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