… Be in Her Skin!

What a week so far, Curvy Girls!  Last night I spent some much needed time with my girl Yoncé at Dodger Stadium!  Have you seen her live?  Well if you haven’t had a chance yet, her show is AMAZING!!!  She dances like her life depends on it, has the voice that makes you want to weep for joy, and makes any women in the crowd feel like she is an empowered goddess!  This is my second time seeing her and she is a true performer and everyone needs to see her #blackgirlmagic in person… Trust me it might just change your life!  If you’re still skeptical, then see my story on Instagram.  Speaking of my IG story, did you see my see-thru sexy out last night?  I paired a white lace blouse from Forever 21 with a strappy lace bra from City Chic and added a charcoal gray legging from Maurices with cute black high knee boots from Torrid.  I got the inspiration from Flaws of Coutour’s IG post that one of my followers tagged me.  I loved that her dgaf/confidence look in the mesh dress and her #BeInYourSkin message that encourages women to wear what they feel comfortable in no matter how others feel!  To me that message spoke volumes and I have decided to dedicate today’s blog to celebrating this powerful motto!

My look for the Yoncé show!

Clearly, I am not one to shy away from sexy clothing that make people uncomfortable and thought that this was a great topic where I could give a confidence boost for those of you who want to stop conforming their style to make others “comfortable.”  No matter how confident you are, that fear of that takes over when people are not comfortable with your look/confidence can stifle your mojo.  I really think it’s important that we all conquer that fear and love everything we wear!  A perfect example is Dascha Polanco from OITNB’s NYFW look (yaaaasssss hunty!).  She killed it in the that bodysuit and served so much confidence on the red carpet people were forced to bow down!

The biggest thing before you start being fashionably turnt, is what your comfort level is?  Are you ready to wear a sexy bra & patty set under a see through lace dress? Or are you wanting to start smaller with shorts and thigh high boots?  The reason why I point out your comfort level is because pushing the envelop isn’t about a big f you to the uncomfortable haters, it’s about really feeling beautiful, sexy in clothing that is an extension of your personality.  The next important thing is the fit!  It makes me so sad when I see plus size girls who haven’t really owned that they are plus size.  You know the girls that I’m talking about… they won’t let go of a size Large, even though they’re more like an XXL.  I really hate putting it like that, but I personally believe that’s where some of the “uncomfortable” feelings start.  By choosing looks that flatter your body type and shape, the better you feel and look, which will give off a radiant glow of confidence.  And I have to mention with fit is tailoring; not ever peice in the store is going to fit like a glove, so having a great seamstres is worth it’s weight in gold!  I have two trusted go-to in seamstress (one in LA and one in Ohio) and they have made the impossible happen!  The last important thing that should be thought about, in my opinion, are the accessories.  Wearing a mesh dress is so amazing, but adding a cool long jacket or trench coat, or if you’ve decided to wear a short skirt adding a thigh high boot could add the sex appeal without more skin showing.  Sometimes having lots of stuff hanging out isn’t the key to being sexy; it’s having that little bit of mystery to keep people wondering and wanting more.  So keep your accessories in mind when you want could careless about the uncomfortable people.

I hope that these few tips will give you the extra boost of confidence to ignore the losers who have something to say about sexy plus size fashion!  As long as you have confidence and a great smile, who has time to worry about every single detail of your outfit.  If you’re up to the challenge and are ready to say “screw you” to the haters, be sure to use the hashtag #BeInYourSkin because I want to see your best looks!




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