… Solo Vacation!

I’m back, Curvy Girls!  Did you miss me?!  Well I missed you all after a really fantastic trip! I totally appreciate the patience you guys had when I was under the weather after the trip (Montezuma’s Revenge is the worst welcome home gift… trust me).  Of course, this week is all about the trip, things I learned in the planning process, and positives of solo travel. For the most part the vacation was filled with beautiful, scenic views; friendly people; adventures in the Cabo San Lucas; and of course relaxation!  I guess the best way to share my experiences in this post is by answering some questions that many of you have asked about vacating solo.  So here it goes!

Q: Why did you taking a vacation by yourself?

There were a few things that led me to the decision to not invite anyone on my trip.  The first was because I was in a break up funk of trying to get my life together and thought that this trip was a good way to heal from that.  The second reason was I haven’t had a chance to really travel by myself in my entire life.  Lastly,  I didn’t want to be on a “schedule” where I was having to consult people on what we would be doing throughout the trip; I wanted the trip to flow organically based on my mood and the day.

Q: What made you chose Cabo and why was it a secret?

Oh the fun of a secret!  The reason I kept tight lipped about the location was because I wanted to make it a fun surprise for my followers and friends.  There wasn’t a real rhyme or reason to it.  As for why I chose Cabo… well that’s easy!  I have ALWAYS wanted to go and to be honest, I was waiting on someone (aka a man) to take me.  Oh yes, I was that girl who wanted the uber romantic trip to Cabo with her #boo with dinners on the beach that include champagne toasts and fireworks.  I was over waiting for this to be “the trip” and decided that if I wanted to go, then I should go and not put so much emphasis on what I had dreamed up years ago.  And trust me, if my romantic dream came true, I’d be so excited, but what was I waiting for… seriously?  I have one life to live and need to take advantage of opportunities while I’m young!  I am so happy I let go of the dream and went on the trip because I’m #obsessed with the charming little town of San Jose del Cabo now!

Q: How did you choose your travel arrangements?

I am a researcher when it comes to travel because I want to get the best deal (remember my Out of Dodge post?)!  I took a week or so to scope out a number of travel sites like Costco Travel, Kayak, and TripAdvisor to find the best deals and rating for hotels.  The first thing I determined after a couple days was that if I was going to travel to another country, I didn’t want to have to deal with finding places to eat, so all-inclusive was a must.  That decision helped to narrow down the choices in hotels. The next decision was on Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo; even though they are a quick 25-minute drive away from each other, they are night and day. San Jose is quite and has a more suburban feel, while San Lucas has a city feel with nightlife.  Since this was a healing/relaxing trip, San Jose was the winner.  After that there was one hotel that just kept coming up that looked FANTASTIC!!!  The Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos was so picturesque with it’s beautiful open-air lobby, large rooms and variety of restaurants.

Q: Where did you get your swimsuits from?!

I had lots of comments on my swimsuit game that I featured on my Insta story, so thank you to everyone who messaged, commented, liked them!  The flamingo suit and black and gold strap suit were from swimsuitsforall.com.  They have great sales and promotions, so the suits were actually fairly inexpensive.

Q: Did you plan any excursions while on vacation?

I wasn’t totally into the idea of leaving the resort, but I wanted a chance to see Cabo San Lucas since I wasn’t staying close to the city.  I did book a city tour that included a tour of a glass blowing factory, shopping tour, a tequila tasting, and a glass bottom tour to El Arco. The 4 hour tour was jammed-packed, but was a nice way to see the city safely.  It was a priority that I chose a reputable tour company because I was solo dolo.  I didn’t want to be getting into any random taxis by myself or walking around in a country where I know very little of the language.

Q: What was your favorite part of the trip?

There were so many great things about my trip, but I would say that my absolute favorite thing was the pool time!  I had a number of fabulous cocktails, got a chance to make friends with other travelers, and really relax.  Even though I live in LA, finding a good pool is a #struggle, so I took full advantage of laying out, reading a good book, and day drinking!

Q: What tips do you have for Curvy Girls who want to travel solo?

There are 5 things that I think are important when planning a trip by yourself.

  1. Think of your safety first and foremost!  I really keep that #1 in every step of the process, especially when I knew I would be spending many days drinking.  It was important that I added an international service to my cell phone plan, just in case of an emergency (especially since I was traveling during hurricane season).  Also, I made sure to keep copies of my ID and Passport on my phone, just in case something happened and I needed to get back to the USA in a hurry.
  2. Try at least one local meal!  Yes, I had an all-inclusive package, but on the day of my city tour, I stopped at a local taco spot and had life changing shrimp tacos.  We love to Americanize things at home (even in LA), so getting a little authentic taste of the place you’re staying at is a nice treat.
  3. Get the local currency and try to speak the local language!  I was on the fence about trading currency, but it was a benefit because the exchange rate was great in Mexico. I learned quickly that Cabo is a major tourist town, so things are pricier that normal, so being able to barter in pesos got me many things cheaper than had I paid in dollars. It was also nice being able to tip in servers, maids, bartenders, and so on in pesos because most non-tourist locations don’t take the dollar.  Now for the local language part… this was super intimidating at first considering I took 6 years of Spanish in high school and college and remember a whopping 10 words.  But as the weeks led up to the trip, I downloaded an easy little Spanish app, so that I could at least get the basics out when speaking to people.  I think that many of the people who I interacted with were happy that I was at least attempting to communicate with them in Spanish (well I hope they were lol).
  4. Take the Upgrades!  I was on a budget with my trip, but there were a couple things I decided to splurge on when I arrived to Cabo.  The first was my room which was a basic room with no view, but I was determined to see the some kind of water when I woke up everyday, so I upgraded for $7 a day to a pool view, which also included a bit of an ocean view as a bonus.  It was so worth every penny!   When booking, that same room was $25 extra a day on the website, so be sure to check out your options first.
  5. Be a Social Butterfly!  As much solo time as I planned, I couldn’t spend 5 days totally by myself without talking to people.  The great thing about Hyatt Ziva was the adult pool!  I spent 90% of my time there and got to meet a number of people who I’m actually keeping in touch with because they were so dope.  These “vacation buddies”, as I’m calling them, really helped to enhance my trip at gave me a lot of great memories!

Now that I’m back, I’m already wanting to plan a trip back to Cabo because it was a perfect vacation spot for me.  I hope that my solo vacation experience has inspired you to take a chance and travel by yourself!  The experience gave me a new found confidence that I am more than capable to travel by myself and it helped me to change my “romantic” fantasy into a better reality.  Where would you go on a solo vacation? Comment below because I’d love to know!  While you think about, check out my #flipgram of my vacation!




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