… Bounce Back!

Only 1 glorious week stands between me and vacation!!!! Can you tell that I’m excited? After last week’s kind of sad post, this week I wanted to take the break up energy that had me down in the dumps of self-reflection and turn it around.  With so many good things happening in my life, I wanted to talk about my bounce back this week.  I think that’s a vital part of a break up is getting back on your feet to better yourself.  For some that’s jumping into a new relationship, but for me it’s starting a fresh chapter with self development.  One of my girlfriends had a nasty break up a few years ago and instead of sulking, she bounced back and did all of the things she had wish she did during the 2 year relationship.  She started working out (gotta love that endorphin rush), taking violin & ballet lessons, got more involved in her faith and church, and made great strides in her career.  I just looked at her in awe because she was so positive and active to live the life she wanted to live.  So this week, my friend has inspired this post with the 5 ways to bounce back from a break up!

Post-Break Up Bounce Back Plan

  1. Get involved!  To me this is the most important step of the bounce back!  Getting involved in something other than yourself helps you to see that there are bigger things happening in life than being sad, depressed or lonely over a guy.   If it’s community service, volunteering for a committee at church, or even joining a networking Meetup group, taking time to focus on a bigger goal will not only serve as a needed distraction, but can help you to develop new strengths and relationships.
  2. Do You!  You have spent a large amount of time investing in a relationship and now that you are solo take a moment to do you.  Did you gain that “newly dating” weight (you know what I’m talking about)?  Or maybe you have neglected your best friends for months?  It’s time to take care of the things that are important to you!  Reconnect with the things and people that matter to you and be sure to be accountable by scheduling things out.
  3. Try something new!  This was one of the things I thought was super cool when my friend started her bounce back; she was really open to trying new things.  Like I said earlier, the things she had always wanted to try, she just dove in and tried them! First thing to do, is make a list of all the things that have always interested you, then narrow it down based on a few qualifiers: cost, time, and repetition.  Those three things will help you to figure out what can be done fairly quickly verses what will have to be done in a few months once you save a little cash.  But the biggest thing, is that none of your ideas are a no-go!  They can absolutely be done, it’s just a matter of when they’ll be done!
  4. Find the Love!  No, no I’m not talking about finding a boo or a hook up buddy; I’m talking about finding things that you love!  Maybe it’s Friday night Salsa dancing night at a local bar or joining a monthly book club, but doing things you love will help you to love your life more.  With extra free time on your hands, it’s easy to sulk and be negative or sad.  Take those feelings and push them into activities that you love and that can build your self-esteem, enthusiasm, and social calendar.
  5. Say Yes!  One of the books I got a chance to read this summer was Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, which gave me life (just like Scandal, Grey’s and HTGAWM)!  The book is about how saying a simple yes can alter and change your life for the better. Shonda’s stories of what yes did for her in the course of a year made me think back at how many times I say no, which is more than I thought.  As a newly single girl, be open to the opportunity of yes, even if you are a little skeptical.  You really never know where it will lead you or the adventure it might take you on.

These 5 steps might seem simple, but they take some work at first.  Reconnecting, trying new and old things, getting involved and and saying yes can be an easy way to start fresh and really get back on track.  What are some of the things you do to bounce back after a break up?  Be sure to share them below in the comments!




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