…be Strong & Fearless!

I’m pissed off this week, Curvy Girls!  The anger and annoyance that I feel for Brock Turner (aka the guy in the Stanford rape case), his father and the Judge Aaron Persky for sentencing Turner a light 6 month sentence, is at an all time high!  I don’t understand how any person can be so bold and violating to do such an act to any human being.  I haven’t been in a dangerous situation like that, but know that it cannot only leave physical damage, but mental and emotional damage as well.  This week, I am not going to focus on my anger towards these assholes, but I am going to put my energy toward the survivor and her ability to stand up in court to share her feeling in the letter she wrote.  After reading her powerful words, I felt like I wanted to send her a little note, so this blog will be my opportunity to share is my feelings.

To a Fearless Woman-

I know that you have received countless letters of support and I am writing to add mine to your letter pile.  I don’t want to dwell to much on the situation you were in, but I wanted to just share that your letter was amazing!  The strength and bravery I heard in your words showed me that you are not the victim that people have tried to portray you as, but a fearless woman who survived.  I applaud you for being able to stand in front of so many people and share such personal details of a horrifying situations.  We live in a world and society where silence is often the road taken in situations like yours and seeing you open up in a vulnerable situation was incredible because it shows that change is coming.  The courage that you have shown will not go unnoticed and will help to break the silence and raise the voices of those who have gone unheard.  I pray that your story and truth will help others to be brave because I believe that there are strength in numbers and the more people are open to speaking their truth, the more our society will take a big stand on sexual assault.  Thank you for being brave, open and fearless; it’s a beautiful thing to see.




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