… Get Juicy!

Hello my wonderful Curvy Girls!  I hope you all enjoyed the Memorial Day holiday and got to either relax for 3 days or party like it was 1999.  My MDW was definitely a much needed weekend of relaxing and resting from the last few months of non-stop work, stress, and running around.  Of course, with the rest and relaxing came my favorite part of the weekend… all of the delicious holiday foods!!!  I feel like Memorial Day is an unofficial kick-off to the summer, which in my world means that some of my favorite foods are back into play (think anything grilled, ice cream, and summer shandy beers… sounds amazing, right?).  This year though, I’ve decided not to go as crazy on all of my FSF (favorite summer foods) and to keep up with my healthy new year resolution goals.  To kick start my goals again, I decided that a post-Memorial Day juice cleanse would be a good way to detox and let my digestive track have a much needed break.  If you haven’t done a juice cleanse before or are curious about one, I thought that sharing my juicing experience would be a great topic this week, especially since I’m in the middle of the cleanse right now.

So why did I choose a juice cleanse?  Well, it’s a gentle way to detox your gut and for me, it’s a challenge.  I’ve done a 3-day juice cleanse before and struggled through it with a crazy amount of complaining, but when it was all said in done, I had a lot more energy than before I started, my stomach felt 100% better, and I fit better into my clothes (major plus!).  This time around, I chose another 3-day cleanse that would give my body the break that is needed, yet give me a challenge because 3 days of not chewing solid foods isn’t as easy as it seems.  The biggest reason I chose to do a juice cleanse is because I wanted to jump start a 12 week program that I’m participating in before my first ever solo vacation this summer (you’ll hear more about my vaca and 12-week fitness program in upcoming blogs)! Who wouldn’t want to go on a vaca and feel confidently, sexy while looking delicious?!?  Exactly, no one is raising their hands.

With juice cleanse being “very LA”, there was a lot of juice options to choose from. From organic pressed juice to all green juices, I really had to do my research to make sure I was getting juices that I would enjoy and that would be easy for me to stick to.  Most of the juice companies offer a first time cleanse that will have fruitier juices than the harder cleanses that cut the sugar and pack the juices with greens like kale, collard greens, and spinach.  As I looked at Juice Served Here, Pressed Juicery, and Kreation for ideas on which cleanse would work best for me, I noticed that they were all expensive!  As much as I wanted to detox, I couldn’t justify spending upwards of $200 for 16 juices.  Without giving up hope, I looked at a random place for a cleanse; Costco (told ya it was random).  They sold a 3-day cleanse by Suja that included 18 juices for $80, which was half of what I would have spent at other juice cafes.  I had heard of Suja Juice before, as many of my co-workers have done their 3-day juice cleanse that incorporates light snacks with the juicing, so I knowing that the juices were tasty made the choice easy when I finally purchased.

Before I started this whole process, I knew that I had to prep my body with eating lighter foods the day before (think chicken, fish, fresh veggie and fruits).  By doing this, I was able to prep my digestive system for it’s deserved break.  On day one, the instructions suggested I start the day with either a warm cup of water and lemon juice or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to get the body going.  The warm lemon water is a ritual that I do often, but because I didn’t have time to grab lemons from the store, I was stuck with ACV. I took the dose and immediately found that it wasn’t too bad and gave my tummy a little tingle…  and with that I was ready for Juice #1!  The green juice (the first of 3) had a good a taste considering the main ingredients are kale, collard greens, celery and apple.  As I continued through the day, I stuck with drinking the juices ever 2-3 hours and made sure to drink water & non-sweetened tea throughout the day for hydration. By the time 4p came along, I noticed that I was losing energy and had a slight headache, which is typical for the first day of a juice cleanse.  When I got home I drank my dinner with a bit of water and laid down to help the headache.  With the headache not easing, I took some ibuprofen and ate a little “soup” (broth with frozen veggies heated).  Now I already know that you’re thinking “she cheated,” but the instructions to the cleanse mentioned that if food was necessary because you were working out or felt hungry it was fine to eat, as long as it was a broth, raw veggies or fruit.  For me, taking ibu without food will leave me feeling nauseous, so it was a necessity for a small snack.  Finally around 6p, I was feeling better and went for a 30 minute walk to get a little exercise.  With Day 1 in the books, I knew that I would be able to keep it going!

I’m working on Day 2 today and haven’t complained as much as the first day and have been feeling energized!  If you are interested in the behind-the-scenes look at how I’m doing, check out my Snapchat (curvygirlscan) tomorrow, as I’ll be snapping pics and videos of the last day of the cleanse.  Doing a juice cleanse is a fun and healthy challenge if you’re up for it, but I will say that you should do your research and start small with either a 1 or 2 day cleanse.  It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to check with your doctor before taking a drastic change in diet, even for a few days.  Lastly, be sure to have a good support system in place because there will be times when you might feel weak or not strong enough to finish, so having good motivators in place to keep you in check is helpful!  Speaking of motivators, if you have words of wisdom or support for me, leave them below!





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