… learn from Mama!

Can you believe it’s May already?!  This year is really speeding by and I feel like I need to it slow down a bit, so that I can keep up (clearly not going to happen).  Hopefully you guys are all still sticking to your resolutions and remembering all of the goals we discussed in my goal visionary post at the beginning of the year.  This is usually when I’m kinda over it and have gone back to my old ways, but luck for me, my mom is visiting and she is such a motivating person that I feel like I can keep it up.  Do you have someone who you can go to that can keep you motivated?  Well this week, I want all of you to find that person and take a little time to chat about where you are with your goals, where your progress is in achieving that goal, and why this goal is important to you.  I believe that saying it aloud will remind you that you can do it!  As much as I believe in you all, your “person” believes that you can do it too, so a little motivational talk will hopefully renew your faith in killin’ that goal and remind you that you’re capable of more!

As I said before, my mom is an AMAZING motivation for me and with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I wanted to spend just a little time share some of the great things that my mom has taught me about life and how to stay motivated. These little reminders of love, accountability, and strength have stuck with me and made me the confident Curvy Girl you hear from each week.  I am sure many of you have life lessons from your mothers that are similar, so this list might be a good reminder for everyone!

Lessons from My Mom

  1. Don’t rush into marriage!  Take your time and get to know the person before you make a big decision that’s for a lifetime.
  2. Listen to your body!  Don’t push through pain or sickness; take a break and let your body heal.
  3. Family is everything!  No matter how much you fight with your siblings, cousins, or other family members, remember that they are family and they’ll always have your back.
  4. Live your life to the fullest because life is too short!
  5. Cherish the time with your parents!  They will not always be around, so take opportunities to ask family questions, eat dinner together, and have fun.
  6. Don’t listen to what others say!  You are ultimately in charge of your life and the only opinion that matter is your own.
  7. Be humble in all aspects of life.
  8. Pray daily.
  9. Stop overthinking situations, overspending on things you don’t need, and overworking yourself for perfection.  Things that are meant to be will be and everything happens for a reason.
  10. There’s no such thing as being overdressed.
  11. Less make up is more.
  12. Kindness goes along way, so use it often.
  13. Pray for your future husband even if you don’t have any potential prospects.  Write a note to God and leave it in your Bible.
  14. Drinking alcohol to just drink it is silly.
  15. Love the life that you have!  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence.
  16. If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for everything!
  17. Never Say Never.
  18. Love yourself with your whole heart.
  19. Watch the company you keep!  Not all friends are good friends who want to see you strive and succeed.
  20. Don’t quit!  You can get through anything with patience, will power, and a little faith.
  21. Forget trying to please everyone; just worry about yourself.
  22. Keep some money hidden!  You never know when you’ll have an emergency.
  23. Worry about nothing, but pray about everything.
  24. Don’t forget to put your lipstick on!
  25. Always have a go-to dress that you can wear for any occasion!
  26. If you want to do better, be better.
  27. Beware of your surroundings even if it’s your neighborhood.
  28. Be thankful your blessings, no matter how big or small.
  29. Lighten up and go with the flow! Stress will get you no where fast.
  30. Listening is key in all types of relationships whether personal or professional.

She’s a smart lady, right?  Sometimes the most basic and simplest advice can get lost when things get complicated in life, so I hope these lessons a reminder for you to have a good life.  I know many of these lessons will be taught to my children one day and I pray they can pass it down to their children. What advice does your mom give to you that always rings true? Leave a comment below to share!  

Happy Mother’s Day!




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