… Help My Love Life!

What a day!  I am in TOTAL shock at the new of the legendary Prince passing away!  His music was fun, inspiring, sexy, unapologetic and undoubtedly classic.  When I started this blog, those were words that described the “Curvy Girl” I mention often and Prince definitely inspired me to be a unique and soulful woman in this life. As sad, heartbroken, and just upset as I am that Prince left this world today, I hope that you beautiful women who follow my blog and have written to me for Dear Curvy Girl, will remember that we’re all here to get through life together!



Ok, I’m done with my tribute to Prince… and it’s time for more Dear Curvy Girl questions! After getting lots of positive response from the last vlog post, I was really excited to answer more questions & help my fellow Curvy Girls out (thank you all so much for the support!!).  This week, I’m sharing my tips on finding true love, so check out the video below!

If you have a burning question for me, shoot me an email and I’ll get it featured on an upcoming Dear Curvy Girl post!




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