… be a Shady Lady!

Oh the shadiness of it all… and no I’m not talking about throwing shade, girls!  It’s almost summer and we need to get our shade game together (aka sunglasses), so this week I’m giving you my top picks that will keep you lookin’ good this summer!  Before I moved to LA and basically became a shady lady in the sunglasses department, I could careless about what sunnies I wore; as long as they looked good I was cool.  My priority was to get 1 cheap pair that would last me the summer and hope that I didn’t lose them.  Now that I live in a city where there are over 300 days of sunshine, its a necessity to have several pairs of sunglasses that work well for different occasions (expensive shades don’t really mix well with a day at the beach).

As I start to break down my top looks for the summer, there are a few thing I want you all to keep in mind.  The first, is your personal style; clearly sunglasses were not created equal for each face shape, so knowing what will look fab on you will be VERY help (click here to see what will good on your face shape)!  The next important step, is figuring out your budget!  With shades costing any where from $5 to $5,000, you need know what your limit is and stick with it.  Lastly, your pair has to reflect your personal style!  If it’s a retro pin up style to southern conservative there is a look for every person, so keep that in mind.  I think that’s it, so let get to it!

The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Being a Shady Lady


Everyday Shades (E)These are your go-to shades and are easily go with anything!

Vaca Days Sunnies (V): Ya know those special sunnies you grab before you head out of town… yea, these are them!

Fancy Lady Sunglasses (F): Wedding Season is prime in the summer and sometimes ya just need some fancy shades!

  1. I’m obsessed with the sunglasses at shopbogaboga.com! First of they are super cheap and on point for anyone to look dope in them.  The Fiona II are a perfect example of everyday shades that will go with anything… And they’re $10 ! Amazing, right? (E, V)
  2. Another great option for everyday shades are Ray-Bans! Their classic aviators will never go out of style (I mean, hello… Tom Cruise was rockin’ them in the 80s in Top Gun!). My favs are the Ray-Ban Aviators Flash Lense and they are on sale at Nordstrom right now! (F)
  3. If you aren’t much for online sunglasses shopping, I always like heading to Forever 21 and stocking up on several different looks !  Right now I’m LOVING & LIVING for their Abstract Square Sunglasses… perfect to throw on at the pool!  (E)
  4. Even though these feel sometimes over the top, I still LOVE the oversized shades of the days of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton.  No matter how big, I always get tons of compliments!  Check out Style #6716 at shopbogaboga.com… they’re already on my summer wish list! (V,E)
  5. Like I said earlier, beach days are literally every weekend here in LA, so having the right frames are imperative!  I’m partial to a good, inexpensive pair of shades that look good with my bathing suit, so this year I am rocking Style #6862 at shopbogaboga.com… seriously, that are to die for! (V)
  6. Is your cousin having her outdoor wedding this summer?  I love adding a pop of color with with my fancy shades (why not add a little drama to your look?) and am a big fan of Kate Spade’s “Amberly” Cat Eye Sunglasses in Milky Pink/Red!  The soft pink will look fresh adn youthful with a popular floral summer dress (check out this one from Forever 21)! (F)
  7. One of my goals this year on my vision board (remember those, Curvy Girls?) is to go on a vacation where I can relax and soak up the sun!  I already know have my eyes on the My Girl Cat Eye Sunglasses by Qual Australia.  The mirror lenses with the black frame is so chic and sexy for a week in paradise, right? (V)
  8. I always like to wear nicer sunglasses when I’m meeting clients for work that aren’t too over the top.  For the last couple years, my go-to shades for clients meetings (I have a lot of meetings outside for events) are oversized sunglasses, similar to this pair by Marc Jacobs. (F)
  9. Are you headed to your BFF’s bachelorette party in Vegas?  That is the last place you want to lose sunglasses!  Try these Two-Tones Round Sunglasses at Forever 21 in Light Blue/Grey… super cute without breaking the budget.  And honestly if they get lost you in at a drunk pool party, you won’t be too bummed over it! (V)
  10. If you’re going to be wearing shades at your day job outdoors and just need a good pair (think lifeguarding or helping with camps) the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer look is the best and looks good on most face shapes!  If you aren’t ready to break the bank for a pair of the originals, then check out these copy-cats! (E,V,F)
  11. As a bonus to my list, for those Curvy Girls like me who LOVE color… I am OBSESSED with Style #P6050 at shopbogaboga.com!  Cute & fun at the same time.. #winning!

Good finds, right?  I told ya I’m the ultimate Shady Lady!  Hopefully these will get your wheel turning when you start your search for sunnies this summer and  some of these will make their way into your collections.  What are your favorite shades?  Well this week, I want you to post your favorite sunglasses on IG with the hashtag #shadylady!  I wanna see what your favorite styles are!




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