… be a Girls’ Girl!

It’s time to talk about one of my biggest pet peeves in life.  No, it’s not when people use the same knife for the peanut butter & jelly when making a PB&J sandwich (that’s a tiny pet peeve).  My biggest pet peeve is when women are girl’s girls.  We all get sucked into the judgement bandwagon (I’m guilty of it too), but I’m talking about when women only break women down and not build them up in any way shape or form. This week I saw girl’s girls, Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato, stand up for Kesha as she deals her legal issues with Sony & Dr. Luke and on the other side, but I also saw women tearing down Kim Kardashian as she posted a nude pic on her social media.  With so much going on in the media and International Women’s Day happening last Tuesday, I wanted to put out a message to the women who are girl’s girls and the ones who aren’t because this is an important topic for me!

To my Girl’s Girls-

You are AMAZING and make the world a better place!  It’s been my experience that the women who are girl’s girls have helped me to be a better woman, friend, and human. From the girl who told me a guy I was dating was hitting on her at the bar while I was in the restroom to the lovely lady at a hotel who insisted I be escorted out by security late at night, these women didn’t even give it a second thought to help me.  It’s really a great testament to the type of women they are and how much respect they have for other women in this world.  As a girl’s girl, I know that my good deed will come back ten fold with good karma when I need it the most and I hope you all feel the same (because it’s true!).  So I salute all of you girl’s girl for being supportive and empowering to other women!

To my Non-Girl’s Girls-

Even though not being a girl’s girl is a big pet peeve of mine, I sometimes understand why you chose to go about life the way that you do.  Not every person is about to jump into a situation that’s not for them or they just feel like they bond better with men.  None the less, I have a message for you: remember that when life gets crazy and unpredictable, women will have your back.  I read an article about 3 weeks ago called, Why Women Need Their Girlfriends,  that was a perfect example of why girlfriends and meaningful relationships with women are important.  I’m not saying make a full 180 degree change and love all women and have their backs, but I am asking that you open your mind and heart a little more to helping women when the time is right.  This world is filled with a number of crazy things happening daily that break women down in a number of ways (slut shaming, the glass ceiling, cat calling, sexual harassment… you get my drift), the more supportive and empowering actions we can provide, the better!

I hope that we, as women, start understanding the importance of being a girl’s girl for the simple fact that we need each other in this world!  Even though we have come so far in life, we still have so much more we can accomplish and the only way to do that is by working together and having each others backs.  So keep that in mind the next time you see a situation where you can be a girl’s girl!




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