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Boobs, Rack, Titties, Ta-Tas, Breast… whatever you wanna call ’em, we have to keep them feeling and looking good!  No matter if you have those sky high boobs or the ones that flop to the side when you lay down on your back, we all know the importance of a good bra.  Having a well fitting bra for all occasions can be difficult to find and costly depending on what it’s for (try finding a good strapless bar for less that $20), so I took some time and did all of the leg work for you, Curvy Girls!  This week I’m sharing my Curvy Girl’s Guide to the Perfect Bra!  From supportive sports bras to those sexy lace ones that tease the imagination, I’m going to give you the real on what brands are the best without breaking the bank too badly.

Before I get into the nitty gritty, you might be asking why I chose this theme for this week’s post.  Well to be honesty, I love getting new bras!  A nice fitting, sexy bra is one of my favorite pleasures in life and always gives me a confidence boost.  I really do try to keep all of my bras in those two categories: nice fitting & sexy.  Who wants to wear a plain beige bra that creates that horrible double boob effect and leaves nothing to the imagination (in a bad way)?  Yea, I don’t see any hands up on that one.  Stick with me, ladies and see what a perfect bra is all about!

Curvy Girl’s Guide to the Perfect Bra

The Everyday Work Bra

This is your go-to bra that is super comfortable, gives great support, and even a little padding to fill out those blouses properly.

  • The T-Shirt Bra
    1. The Smooth & Chic T-Shirt Bra by City Chic is a classic! From it’s black satin look to the comfortable, adjustable straps… it’s a good go-to bra.
    2. I love Torrid’s Lace & Microfiber Sexy T-Shirt Bra.  It’s soft, cozy, and can be worn for hours on end if need be!
    3. For those marathon days of running errand , I like the T-Shirt Demi Bra by Victoria Secret.
  • The Demi Bra
    1. Victoria’s Secret has a great Sexy Tee Demi Bra that feels and looks good under those t-shirt.  And they sell for 2 for $49.50, which is awesome!
    2. Who doesn’t love a lace bra?  Torrid’s Lace Demi is sexy, yet supportive and gives just the right amount of coverage!
    3. When it comes to a simple and basic, Lane Bryant’s Cotton Demi Bra is great!  Sometimes you just need a basic bra without all the bells and whistles of lace, push up, or fancy straps.
  • Full Coverage
    1. As hot as Ashley Graham is (did you see her on the cover of Sports Illustrated?), her bras & lingerie are hotter!  Her Showstopper Underwire Balconette Bra gives full coverage in a sexy look.
    2. Lane Bryant’s intimates collection, Cacique Intimates, has a great selection of Cotton Full Coverage Bras in a variety of colors!
    3. For maximum coverage, Ashley Stewart’s Full Coverage Butterfly Bra is a good fit (no pun intended).  It features light padding and double-back wrap panels for a more polished look (aka smoothing out that back, hunny)!

The Fun & Flirty Weekend Bra

This is the category for those less restrictive workweek bras.  It still gives you support, but might be a bit sexier and will impress if it’s shown to the right person!

  • Bralettes/Bandeaus
    1. Torrid’s Crop Lace Bralette will have you OBSESSED (no joke!)!  It’s my go-to weekend bra because of it’s comfort, light support, and sexy factor… a total win if you ask me!
    2. Ready for obsession #2?  I LIVE for the Strappy Lace Bralette by Torrid.  The sexy design gives me support and a nice boost of confidence!  And because I can be a little rachet at times, I like to pair my pink strappy bralette with a plain white tee like the Distressed Tee at Forever 21.
    3. Speaking of Forever 21, their Caged Bralette is perfect for those super chill days of brunch, shopping, or binge watching House of Cards with your girls!
    4. Another fan favorite is the Lace Bandeau by Torrid.  The removable and adjustable straps are a nice option depending on your mood!

The Gym Time Support Bra

This is your most supportive bra that will not only give you coverage, but will keep things tight when you’re getting a sweat in!

  • Low Impact Bra
    1. For an affordable, yet cute sports bra… check out Forever 21’s Plus Size Printed Sports Bra!  And to make sure you show off the back, grab their Active Strappy Tank (it’s definitely a compliment getter!).
    2. With Torrid starting to kill it with their active wear line,  their sports bras like the Seamless Bralette is great for a pilates class.  With a little sexy lace in the back, this bra can be used as a sports bar or a bralette (who doesn’t love a double duty bra?!).
  • High Impact Bra
    1. Bring sexy back with your fitness & sports bra with the Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Front-close Sports Bra!  This is seriously a new favorite in my collection!
    2. Rainbeau Curves is a go-to place for all plus size athletic wear!  Their Jenna Print Bra has a zipper closure in the front and comes in really pretty prints to spice up your work out look.

The Playful & Sexy Bra

This one should be a staple in your bra collection!  This bra is for you to show off with matching underwear if you’re into that and will give you all the confidence in the world!

  • Pushup Bra
    1. My #1 favorite bra of all time is The Body by Victoria by Vickie herself!  The coverage and support is amazing, yet you get that little boost of push up to add a little umph to any look!
    2. Lace always makes a bra playful & sexy, right? Torrid’s Lace Floral Pushup Plunge Bra has just the right amount of lace to keep it interesting.
    3. City Chic’s Adore Push Up Bra is sexy, yet simple.  I love that it gives you some major cleavage for those special night with #bae.
  • Unlined Bra
    1. The Geo Lace Longline French Balconette Bra by Lane Bryant is epitome of playful and sexy with its detailed design!
    2. Another Lane Bryant bra that will keep things sexy, is the Lace Applique Balconette Bra.
    3. For the ultra-sexy stuff, I always hit up Yandy.com!  Their Orchid Two Tone Lace Demi Cup Bra is sure to fire up anyone looking at you while you’re wearing it!

The Special Occasion Bra

This bra isn’t for daily use, but for those special events that is required for strapless dress, low cut tops, or backless dresses.

  • Strapless Bra
    1. For full coverage without any worries of constant tugging, the Adore Contour Strapless Bra at City Chic is the best bet!
    2. I’m a sucker for a long-lined bra, especially Lane Bryant’s Strapless Long Line Bra.  It’s give a little sexy, but mucho support with it’s silhouette.
    3. Another, more simple option for a strapless, is the Bare Necessities’ Red Carpet Strapless Bra.  The smooth silhouette is simple, great for side support, and most importantly, comfort!
  • Multi-Way Bra
    1. With 5-way support, Torrid’s Multi-Way Bra is good for literally any occasion!
    2. The Smooth & Chic Multiway Contour Bra at City Chic offers a little bit of a plunge effect, while giving you several adjustment options.
    3. If you are looking for something a little more simple in design & use, Lane Bryant’s Lightweight Multi-Way Strapless Bra is for you!

Aren’t bras fun? Hopefully you saw something that sparked your eye in the categories, but remember that the # 1 rule of bra shopping is to be comfortable!  Sizes can trip us all up with bra shopping because every store is so different, so if you’re a B cup in one place, but a D cup in another, ignore that and just wear what looks good on you and feels like heaven when it’s on.  What are you’re go-to favorite bras, Curvy Girls?  Share your favs below, so that I can be on the look out for new styles!  Until next time…




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