… Keep Focused!

As you may have seen in some of my previous posts, I have made it a goal this year to be more active and to keep my healthy & fitness a priority (so far, so good!).  I’ve followed fitness bloggers & Insta influencers, made plans to incorporate healthy foods & exercise into my daily routine, and started taking major accountability for how I treating my body everyday.  As much of a job working out seems to be sometimes, it’s awesome seeing how my body is changing and that I’m becoming more flexible, while gaining stamina.  It’s incredible how 3-4 hours of dancing around to Beyonce aimlessly a week have changed to a true therapy session (don’t worry, I’m still dancing around).  The annoyance,  frustration, stress, and sometimes overwhelmed feelings comes to class with me, but quickly dissipates  into thin air as I squat my booty to higher heights to Demi Lovato.  I had heard that these work outs could potentially become “therapy” session from the people I followed on IG,but ye of little faith just could’t imagine it (yea that’d be me).

Are you still wondering how a simple workout can change a bad mood or make you forget about the annoying things of the day? Endorphins!  These mood changing receptors are responsible for giving you a natural high during exercise (and sex!).  With all of the “baggage” I carry to my work outs, those endorphins have become a saving grace for me!  For example, event planning sounds like a fun job right? It totally can be, but a good chuck of my day is filled with the stress of wondering if everything is perfect, trying to stay organized, agonizing over details, long hours, and sometimes working the weekends away without much time off.  I’m not saying this to complain about my career… that’s the furthest thing I’m doing!  I LOVE my career and can’t really imagine doing anything else.  The reason I bring up my stress level from work is because its a normal thing to be stressed as a planner, so I have to make time to destress.  In the past, I’ve tried massages, drinking, shopping, cooking, but working out has been the only thing that has greatly reduced my stress.

Ok, I went off on a tangent there, but by making my health a priority this year and creating specific goals to keep that priority into the forefront, I’ve discovered several things about myself in the process.  This post isn’t to tell you about my work out habits or to get you to hit the gym, it’s about keeping focused on the goals and resolutions you set at the beginning of the year!  Here are some questions to keep your focus sharp throughout the year… And don’t worry I’ll keep doing these check-ins every so often because I want every, single one of you to achieve something that you’ve set for yourself at the beginning of 2016!

  • Are you looking at your vision board?  That should be a yes!  If you didn’t make one, there is still time (there’s no deadline), but if you did make one, where is it?  Is it hanging in plain sight as a reminder of what you want?  Take 5-minutes a day to look at it, think of how you’re getting closer to those goals, and say out loud why you want these things to happen in your life!  Hearing your why never gets old!
  • Have you set deadlines? This is SUPER important!  If you have a goal, but no deadline for it, how are you gonna keep yourself accountable to achieve that goal?  Get your calendar out and pick a date that’s 4 weeks out to see what progress has been made.
  • Who is keeping you accountable? And no, you can’t be the only person keeping yourself accountable.  Ask your friends, family members, or #bae to keep you on track.  They don’t need to nag you every 5-minutes to see what progress you’ve made, but a friend quick reminder works, like this for example: “Hey, I wanted to see how you were doing with saving for that vacation you want to take in October?” Even if you get off track of the goal a little, this person should be there to keep that fire lit underneath you to get to the finish line.
  • What is your reward if you accomplish a goal by your deadline?  It is important to reward yourself if you make real progress!  For me, I’ve made non-food rewards for my healthy eating; if I lose 10 pounds then I get to add a 30-minute massage at my nail salon.  Think about small things that will make you happy when you get to a benchmark.
  • Are you keeping the faith that you will accomplish this goal?  It’s so easy to give up when shit gets real or hard, but that isn’t a time to throw in the towel, that’s when you should push yourself harder.  I was told at a young age, that believing in yourself is the best gift you can have.  Do I get frustrated, angry, even cry somethings because I’m not where I want to be? Of course, I’m human!  I give myself a 5-minute pity party, quickly followed by a good 10-minute pep talk about how far I’ve come and to keep motivated.  It’s all about self-talk and faith!

As much as I believe in all of your beautiful and lovely Curvy Girls, I want you to keep pushing towards your goals no matter what.  As a girl’s girl, I know that a win for you is a win for me and vice versa, so keep focused and keep the faith because I got your back on this one!




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