… Love Living Solo!

Want to know one of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles?  Living by myself!  It sound super selfish, but honestly it’s the BEST.  When I was a struggling student or just living on a budget, I lived with roommates and realized early on that I was not made to live with roommates; some were awesome, while others left my head spinning with lots of crazy non-sense (those stories are for another day). Since a lot of people ask me about living solo pretty frequently, I thought it would awesome to share my favorite things about living by myself this week!  So here’s my Top 10 List of Why Living Solo is the BEST!

Top 10 List of Why Living Solo is the BEST

10. No Sharing Required! One of the things I HATED doing with a roommate was having to share the duty of buying house supplies or cleaning.  It’s sounds awesome at first, but when someone keeps forgetting to buy TP and you’re the gal wondering where it is after a bathroom session, it’s beyond annoying.  And maybe it’s me, but sharing cleaning duties sucked when others left for the weekend and left a pile of dirty dishes in the sink or their boyfriend used every single glass we had in the kitchen.  Sure, I could have had a conversation with my roomie about (I normally did), but when you live solo these things are even an issue!

9. No Hearing Things in the Night!  From the loud parties and bed creaking to loud phone conversations and even snoring, I’ve heard some crazy stuff with roommates.  Since living by myself I really take advantage of  the wonderful silence that happens every single night before I go to bed.  I have a lot of time to unwind from the day with no interruptions.

8. More Alone Time! Some people dread this, but I really treasure my time alone at home. I’m constantly “on” with my clients, co-workers, friends, and even the people I see on the daily (the mail carrier, neighbors, etc), but when I get home from work and take 20 minutes to settle down and unwind from the busyness of the day, I feel more grounded for the rest of the evening.  I started that routine 8 years ago because I would run myself ragged without taking a proper break (it’s rare that I take more than 10 minutes during the day).  Those 20 minutes of no talking, phone calls, answering emails, or trying to be strategic with my events and just sitting on my couch and just relaxing while I open my mail really has made a big difference in my life.

7. Invite all the Visitors Over! I love when my family comes to visit me in LA, but its a bit weird when your mom or best friend is trying to share a bathroom with you and your other roommates. Since I’ve been in my own place, having visitors has been less stressful because I don’t have to clear it with anyone or alert my visitor of specific roommate schedules (no bathroom time before 9a).  Also, it’s nice not worrying about judgey eyes or embarrassing questions when you have those late night visitors who leave in the morning (you know who I mean…wink, wink).

6. Party Time without Asking!  This is important to me because if I’m entertaining, I go WAY out for it and decorate the entire place to the theme.  Clearly, this can be uber annoying if your roomie can’t participating nor enjoy the common living areas for the evening.  Now if you don’t throw parties, but like to have some people over for a pre-game session or after party time this could be a disaster trying to stay quiet while drinking (those two don’t mix well).  The lesson here is that solo living is perfect for party time!

5. No More Worrying about Collecting $$$! This was one of the most stressful things for me… making sure everyone paid rent and shared utilities on time!  When you’re dealing with people who you might not know well or even that bff from HS, everyone is different when it come to paying for these things.  I was the crazy who wanted to make sure the check was ready to mail out before the 1st, but some people are so busy that when they sometimes forget about it.  And I hated being the nag who had to constantly remind them that rent or the water bill was due (not a fun job… trust me!).

4. Make All the Noise Ya Want! Clearly, as a respectable roommate, I always was aware of how much noise I made.  Who wants to be the obnoxious roommate who everyone is like “Bish, Shut Up!”  Not I!  Now that I’m by myself, I can sing in the shower, have impromptu dance parties with the music loud, or say all those sexy things louder than normal to a cuddle buddy.

3. Decorate How You Want! I wasn’t much of a decorator when I came to LA, but as my style evolved, I found that I love decorating my house with fun, personal items.  In the past, I’ve either moved into a place was decorate already or my style clashed with my new roommates (both equally lame).  When I moved into my current apartment and had to decorate everything from furniture and walk art to rugs and dishes, it was a really liberating and creative process.  Check out some of the cool things in my place!

How cute is my place?

2. Use all of the Space!  I have a confession to make… I’m a huge pack-rat!  I am definitely not on hoard levels, but I am horrible with letting things go to the trash.  Living with people in an apartment or even house can be tight when you share a hall closet with multiple people.  Sure, you can trying to find a place with lots of closet or storage spaceand get an extra foot of space, but that’s not ideal for my pack rat ways!

1.Enjoy Being Naked! Yep, you read that right… naked time in your place is awesome!  I have no shame in my game about being in my birthday suit at home, especially when I’m just out of the shower and need to grab a my morning coffee in the kitchen… talk about an awkward conversation to have if you did that while living with a roommate (unless your roomie is your lover then that could be a good way to start the day!).  And if you’re shy about the whole walking around in the buff thing, then I hope that you learn the amazing benefits of it sooner than later because honey, you’re missing out… trust me!

Have I convinced you to move out on your own and start living a more creative and naked life yet ( I hop you hear the sarcasm on that one)?  As many benefits as I’ve found from living by myself,  you can’t deny how amazing my Top 10 list sounds, right.  Ok, Curvy Girls, if you live by yourself tell me what you’re favorite thing is about it?




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