… be a Goal Visionary!

Happy New Year, Curvy Girls!!  Hopefully you all had a fabulous New Year’s Eve and are ready to get 2016 started off right!  My NYE celebration was filled with fantastic parties with good friends (did you see my look?), a few several fun champagne cocktails, Lyft rides throughout the city (safety first, ladies), and some delicious eye candy to flirt with!  Sounds like a good time, right?  Well now that my NYE partying is over, I’m ready to start setting goals and resolution for 2016.  Yep, this week I’m talking about those resolutions that everyone always make at the beginning of the year and how to stick with them!  I’m sure you’re use to hearing people share their resolutions of lose weight, change their diets, or stop smoking/drinking/eating fast food/etc. as soon as a new year hits, but within a few months weeks, they’ve pushed the resolution to the side to go back to their old ways.  Now, I’m not saying that it’s easy to push through and accomplish your resolution (it depends on what it is of course), but there are ways to help you stick with it and get farther than you might have gotten in the past, if not achieve your goals/resolutions!

Before we get to deep into helping you stick to your resolutions, let’s talk how to plan your goals/resolutions!  I am a big advocate for always having goals to take you to the next level whether it’s in your career, love or personal life.  For me, reflecting on the good and maybe not-so-good of my past year gives me an idea of what I want to work towards in the new year.  An example is that last year I spent WAY too much money on eating out throughout the work week, so I’ve made a plan to pack my lunch at least 4 times during the work week (I gave myself a free day since we have a weekly office lunch at a local farmer’s market).  That small change will save me money and help with other healthy goals I’ve set for myself.  By taking 20-30 minutes to think about the past year and what I want to accomplish in the new year, I was able to come up with obtainable and achievable goals & resolutions.  Notice those two words: obtainable and achievable?  I say that because for years I’ve heard people say, “My resolution is to lose 100lbs by summer!” Well you could lose weight by summer, but really 100lbs?  I don’t think so!  Now if that same person said “My resolution is to lose 25 lbs by June 1st,” then that would be total obtainable and achievable!  It might be a challenge for that person because different limitations (they have an office job, have kids, or even have an old injury that makes working out difficult), but the goal won’t feel totally out of reach if they have a bad day of eating or couldn’t get to the gym all week because they were working late.  It’s all about challenging yourself and pushing yourself to actually make the goal.  Now, I can’t say big goals aren’t feasible like (buying a house or traveling the world), but think about your resources and what can actually be obtained in the year.  A good example of this is that I want to buy a house in the future.  I know that this year isn’t the year for me to do that, but I can very easily set a goal to get closer to that dream house in Malibu by setting up a special interest-gaining savings account to deposit money into monthly.  Because it’s a big goal doesn’t mean you can’t chip away at making it a reality; make smaller goals that are obtainable for this year that will get you to the bigger goal quicker.  Trust me, I am not a dream killer!  I am a huge dreamer and I know that dreams come true when you work towards them, so don’t think I’m saying don’t dream big.  In fact, I’m telling you to dream so big that it scared the crap out of you… just be real about what can be done in one year’s time!

My Vision Board for 2016!

Now we have a clear idea of what we want out of 2016 with good obtainable and achievable goals, what’s next?  One of my favorite things to keep me motivated & inspired is my vision board.  Every year, one of my best friends, Andrea, holds a vision board party, where several of our friends sit around and put our goals on a board using magazine cutouts, quotes, really any kind of inspiration that pushes us to our goals!  The first time I went to one of Andrea’s vision board parties, I wasn’t sure what would happen and really went to be a supportive friend, but the party and my board really left me inspired, motivated, and excited. The great thing about a these party is they’re really simple to throw; all you need are old magazines, poster boards, glue sticks, sharpies, and your goals.  To start the party off, Andrea has everyone goes around and tell the group their intention for the year.  I love hearing what everyone’s intention are because usually they’ll overlap a bit, which opens up a conversation on how to get to the goal faster or make the resolution easier.  After we’ve talked about our intentions, we move right into the fun part of creating our vision boards!  There’s no right way to create your board, so it’s a chance for you to be as creative as you’d like.  My board includes pictures of a girl exercising & healthy foods (I want to focus on eating better and making more time to workout), engagement rings (I want to get married one day!), power words that relate to my career (I want to become even better this year at my job), and reminders of why I blog (it’s time to grow this baby).  You really can put anything on the board that represents your goals!  As long as it motivates and reminds you of what you’re working towards, then it’s perfect to put on there.  Once everyone has completed their board, we go around and talk about our boards and goals.  Again, this is a GREAT opportunity to get ideas on how to succeed or get support to keep you accountable.  The positive vibes of the party and supportive environment really should keep everyone at ease about their resolutions and goals, no matter how big or small, everyone’s goals/resolutions are important and valued.  There are two things I think are the most important about the party.  The first is making sure you have the right people there; it really make a difference when you have people there who are positive, open, supportive, and receptive to feedback.  The second is making sure that you ACTUALLY use the vision board!  It sounds silly, but I know I forget about it last year when it hung in my office; I just got use to seeing it everyday. This year, I’ve selected to put my vision board in my bathroom next to the mirror.

Vision Board Part Supplies!

My last suggestion is one I’m stealing from a friend from college.  Instead of focusing on a few new goals, she wanted to maintain many things she already working towards.  She came up with her 16 in ’16!  It’s a great list of things that she wants to try, continue, and work towards in 2016.  The list ranges from writing weekly letters to friends and family & putting down her phone more to making healthier food choices & reading more. The list has a mix of big items and small items that will enhance her new year.  I think this is a brilliant idea and hopefully if you don’t have time to put a vision board together, you can make your own 16 in ’16 list!

16 in ’16 List!

Are you feeling more prepared for 2016?  I know I’m ready to take this year by the horns and just kill it!  What are your goals for 2016?  If you make a vision board or a 16 in ’16 list, be sure to use the hashtag #curvygirlgoals! Let’s start a discussion on how to help each other succeed this year and make our dreams become a reality!




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