… Go Offline for the Holidays!

Dear Curvy Girls,

With all of the craziness of last week with my party (take a look at the pictures here), Christmas shopping, and wrapping up my clients for the year, I’ve been stressed to the max!  I’m sure this is a common feeling for many people before they head out of town or get ready to receive family and/or friends into their homes for the holidays, but this year I want to make a deliberate effort to make sure that I am slowing down and taking it all in.  Even recently, I’ve had to realize that life is too short to stress, agonize over, keep up with the Jones’, and worry about the small stuff; I want to really enjoy life, especially when I’m with the people I love & care for this holiday.

If you follow me on Facebook or IG, you saw the quote for this week’s #MondayMorningMotivation: Offline is the new Luxury!  This really spoke to me because we’re constantly online with social media, texting, snap chatting, reading books and articles, and so many other things… we’re always dialed in.  It’s crazy to even think that 10 years ago our society was no where near this level of digital sophistication, but we’re here and fully embracing it.  As we get closer to the holiday and you start thinking about posting pictures of your gifts, Facetiming with your boyfriend, or sending that mass text with holiday cheer, remember what a luxury it is to spend time with your loved ones!  I really challenge you to go offline for even a day and spend some good ol’ fashion face to face time with the people you’re with this holiday! Whether it be making Christmas cookies with your cousins, watching a holiday movie with your best friends, wrapping gifts with your parents, or even just planning a game of Go Fish with your nieces and nephews, take the time to savor those small moments!  Trust me when I say, that those are the things that will be great memories down the raod, not the 5 second SnapChat of you’re friends new boots.  Take my advice and enjoy your holiday, Curvy Girls!




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