… Plan a Fabulous Holiday Soiree!

The big week is here!!!  My holiday party is one of my favorite parties to plan each year because I love & adore getting together with my people before I head out of town for the holidays.  As busy as it is to set up and prep for, it’s always a fun time and great opportunity to meet new people since I have several groups of friends that I hang out with.  Last year, I had a Naughty and Nice themed party (remember I talked about in the How to Dazzle post), which was a hit, but this year I wanted to pick a creative, yet flirty theme that would be be fun for everyone; so this year’s theme is Mistletoe and Mimosa’s with Marcie! Super cute, right?  A big pro of this theme was that I didn’t have to worry about being a “bartender” or attempting to stock up on lots of booze that I may never drink again (I’m a self-proclaimed beer snob).  Lucky for me, most people can appreciate a good flute of champagne and the fact that I’m having a Mimosa bar, where everyone can choose the type of juice they want is perfect for my hosting duties!

Now that you know the theme, I wanted to share a few of my holiday party tips and more from my Hostest with the Mostest Guide (remember that one?).  No matter the kind of party that you throw in life, these tips will definitely helpful!!

Hostest with the Mostest Guide: Holiday Party Edition

  1. Less is More when it comes to Decor!  One of my biggest pet peeves as a planner is when the host uses EVERY, SINGLE decoration he or she has for the party; just because you own it, doesn’t mean you need to show it off!  I am a big fan of editing when it comes to putting out holiday items for your party.  The best tip I can share is make a list or pull out all of your items (I’m a visual gal, so I pull it ALL out!) and select your favorite items that go well with your theme or has a sentimental value to you.  For my party, I have decided to put up a Christmas tree with white lights, garland, and clear vases filled with water, cranberries floating candles and holly.  Once I’ve placed everything I selected, I’ll see what needs to be added, removed, or just adjusted and moved to a different area.  As a planner, this is the best way to decorate a small gathering!
  2. Keep a good Booze to Food Ratio.  This is one of the most important aspect of planning any event.  I’ve been to events where they’ve run out of food, which led to loads of drunk ladies & gents (NOT cute!). The best trick that I always use when planning food for small gathering, is doubling up on the heavier or more carb filled items. For example, if I know I want to have chips and dip, I’ll get an extra bag of chips because people are more likely to snack on them as they mingle. Another valuable tip that I’ve used in the past, is mixing up the foods I’m serving.  Sure chip, salsa, and cookies are holiday party staples, but adding some other hardy food that “soak up” the booze is a good option when planning.  This year I’ve added an easy crescent veggie pizza and a shrimp cocktail plate to my menu to bulk it up a bit more.  Trust me when I say, it’s better to have a bit more food than you originally thought than not enough; it’ll save you and your guest from getting too tipsy throughout the night.
  3. Be Creative!!  Normally, I am just creative with the theme and cocktails (holiday season is the busiest time of year for Event Planners, so my time is limited), but this year I decided to put a little more energy towards adding some creative ideas to my party. Thanks to Pinterest (you’re following me, right?), I was able to come up with some inexpensive ideas to go alone with my theme!  I’m utilizing several small chalkboard accessories for the my Mimosa Bar (check them out in the picture above), have created a fun photo op area with props, and have hung mistletoe all around where folks can sneak some smooches!
  4. Don’t forget the Entertainment! It never fails that people forget about entertainment.  If you’re budget is tight and you aren’t too particular about what your entertainment is, Pandora, Spotify (they have an amazing deal where you get 3 months of premium for $0.99… told you it was amazing!), and Apple Music (if you haven’t signed up for the 3 free months of service, you totally should!) are the easiest music options to connect to a speaker set or play on a smart TV.  Last year, I had a free subscription to Pandora that eliminated the ads and gave me the ability to create merged playlists (total time saver, trust me). Now that I have a subscription to Apple Music, I’ll be playing it on a wireless Bluetooth speaker throughout my place. My playlist will definitely be a mix of top 40 Pop hits from the year (Hotline Bling is a must), classic Christmas tunes, and my favorite holiday CD: *NSYNC’s Home for Christmas (BEST. CHRISTMAS. CD. EVER!)!!!
  5. Don’t forget that this is suppose to be FUN! Sounds easy, but can definitely be a struggle, especially for me as an Event Planner (I’m all about perfection for my clients!).  The more you remember that this is a fun get together for your friends, family, and maybe even co-workers, the less likely you’ll be stressed.  And trust me, the only person who is going to notice if something doesn’t work out perfectly is you, so do your best to not beating yourself up on the small things that might go a little left.  Honestly, as long as at the end of the day everything looks good and your guests are enjoying the party, you have officially won!

This is a little shorty post since I’m in the middle of party prep, but be sure to follow me on Facebook, IG, Twitter, & Snapchat (@curvygirlscan) to see how everything looked at my party!  If you’re hosting a holiday soiree in the next week or so, keep my tips in mind and I know it’ll be as fabulous as you are.




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