… Beat Winter Skin Woes!

Can you believe that winter will officially be here in a couple weeks?  I have always loved the winter despite the temps for a few reasons: I’m a winter baby (Capricorn season is just around the corner, ladies), snow is really pretty for the most part, and it always reminds me of all the winter fun I have with my family & friends.  The only real reason I dislike the winter is that it takes a beating on my skin and hair; the dry air and extreme heat of the furnace keeps me constantly (and annoyingly) having to apply lotion throughout the day.  And yes, I know that you all are thinking that I live in LA and dry skin isn’t even an issue, but I’m telling that’s the furthest thing from the truth; with the forecast changing to chillier temps with crazy winds and the rain (let’s pray El Nino does it’s job this year!), I am in the same boat as when I was living in Ohio.  No matter my location, I am a sucker for keeping moisturized throughout the entire winter and keeping baby soft skin!  This week I’m going to tell you about some of my end-all-be all products for the winter and hopefully they will keep you nice and moisturize throughout the season as well.

The Curvy Girl’s best skin secrets!

Body Oils

I am obsessed with body oils!  If you haven’t discovered them yet, you’re missing out on a great way to hydrate your skin.  I started using them a few years ago when I was living in Ohio.  At first thought, I was in sticker shock that an not-so-large bottle of oil would be over $15, but the sales clerk at Body Goodies convinced me that their Body Tonic would save my skin throughout the winter.  It sounded suspect, but I tried it and fell in love instantly!  After the shower, I blot my skin dry, leaving just a bit of water on my skin (this helps to lock in moisture), then I apply about two quarter sized drops of the body tonic to my whole body.  Within a few days of using the Body Tonic, I could tell that my skin felt better and I didn’t need to be applying thick lotions constantly throughout the day.  Over time, I have tried other body oils and have found that I also love Soapy Layne’s body oil; it has a lovely smell and has that same moisturizing feeling I get from Body Tonic.  It’s really just a preference of smell for me depending on what my day consists of, but both oils are AMAZING, last a long time since a little goes a long way, and should be used daily to see the full benefits.

Face Oils

As you can see, I am a big fan of oils (my friends affectionately call me the Oil Lady), but I just starting to getting into face oils.  I ended up getting a sample of Mitchell and Peach Fine Radiance Face Oil in one of my Ipsy bag (great investment of you love all things beauty!) several months ago and again, it sounded supicious.  What was the point of a face oil when you could use moisturizer?  Well the minute I tried it, I knew that this was a product I was sleeping on.  Face Oils aren’t a new think by any means, but literally 2 small drops on the face before bed will give you a hydrated glow in the AM. Of course, you know your skin type better than anyone, so do some research before purchasing  because you definitely do not want to waste money on a pricey face oil if it doesn’t work for your skin type!  If you have no clue where to start with face oils for your skin type, check out Cosmo’s article, The Absolute Best Face Oils for Your Skin Type!

Hair Masks & Oils

My hair is normally a wreck in the winter!  Literally, no matter where I live it’s brittle, dry, and really dull looking (it’s like a daily bad hair day… no bueno in my book).  I discovered in high school that regular hot oil treatment and deep conditioning hair masks can save my hair throughout the winter. As I’ve tried product after product, I’ve discovered that the Moroccan Oil brand is THE BEST!  It leave my hair looking soft, manageable, conditioned, and hydrated (aka very sexy hair).  Their Dry Scalp Treatment is my favorite in the winter because the hydration of the oil on my scalp keeps the dryness at bay and relieves any itchiness that comes along with it.  I also swear by their Intense Hydrating Hair Mask as a deep conditioning treatment. My normal routine is after shampooing, I massage the hair mask into my root and end, then throw on a plastic cap with a warm towel wrapped around it (I just heat up a towel in the microwave for 30 seconds) and leave it alone for 30-45 minutes.  After washing it out, my hair is incredibly soft and manageable!  Now if you are watching your budget and more of a grab-it-at-the-drugstore gal, I got you covered too!  OGX has a great Argan Oil of Morocco Moisturizing Hair Line; my personal favorites are the  Intense Moisturizing Treatment, Penetrating Oil, and Miracle In Shower Oil, which are all less than $10 each (#winning)!

Other (Secret) Treatments

I always keep a few of my moisturizing tip top secrets because sometimes you gotta keep a few things in pocket for those special “gotta have that super soft & sexy skin” times, but because I LOVE my Curvy Girls… I’m on let you in on my secret!  Here it goes!

  • Hand treatments are crucial, especially if you’re exposed to super cold conditions. One of my secrets is doing regular hand masks which will leave your hands feeling moisturized in very little time.  The first option that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE are the Nature Republic Moisture Hand Mask that are made with shae butter (hello softness)!  This 15-minute mask in disposable gloves is so simple; just tear the gloves apart from each other and slide them… Seriously, amazing and cheap (under $5).  The other option that I use are my Moisturizing Gel Hand Gloves that are reusable!  I got my set from TJ Maxx, so check around for a deal on these gloves that are normally under $15.  All that you have to do is use a lotion of your choice (thicker lotions work a bit better I’ve noticed), slip on the gloves for about 30 minutes to an hour (I usually watch Scandal to pass the time), remove and rub in excess lotion. It’s a great value for both items and you end up having silky smooth hands this winter!
  • Cuticle care is also important to me, as mine crack and split like crazy in the winter.  The trick I just discover last year isn’t lotion, but a product called Egyptian Magic!  I had heard of it before, but it seemed pricey for something that looked similar to Vaseline.  Talk about being WRONG… EM is incredible at keep things hydrated and can be used on your entire body (lip balm, body lotion, hand lotion). I literally take a little swipe of EM on my finger and spread it onto the cuticle beds and rub in.  Seriously, a little goes a long way and it’s worth ever penny (if you’re into Costco like me, you might be able to find the 3 pack for super cheap!).
  • Another secret of mine are foot treatments!  Similar to the hand treatments, Nature Republic makes a Moisture Foot Mask that is awesome to do at night when watching TV on the couch (my preferred method). The only difference from the hand masks are they need a little longer to work on your tootsies.  Another option that I love doing is a foot bath.  In a tub of warm water, I add some helpful products to soften things up down there including, epsom salt, lavender oil (Young Living is my favorite brand of essential oils), apple cider vinegar, and a little bit of honey (I warm a little in a bowl in the microwave before adding it the water, so it dilutes).  I soak for about 20-30 minutes while reading a book, followed by a quick clear water rinse and then adding a nice thick lotion (for an extra boost of softness wear moisturizing gel socks to lock in the lotion).
  • My most valuable and top secret tip that only my close friends know about will keep you lips kissable all winter!  It will come as a surprise, but my favorite lip balm is Nipple Nibblers.  So the secret is that this product is actually something you get at one of those “sexy lady” parties, but it works WONDERS for your lips.  I discovered it when I was 19 and went to one of those parties.  The rep was explaining it and encouraged me to try it on my lips and I’ve been addicted ever sense.  It has a tingling effect that heals your lips from being dry and chapped, all while moisturizing them back to health.  I swear if you try it, you’ll be addicted too!  Grab both the tub and the little chapstick to be able to have it all the time!
  • Last and certaintly not least, my most important winter skin tip is one that will save your skin time and time again… water! I swear by drinking a minimum of 8 glasses a day, but try to get more in (as close to a gallon a day as I can!).  One of the best things I’ve purchased over this year to keep up with my water intake is a Bubba cup! My Bubba Envy cup hold 32 oz and 4 of those bad boys a day is a gallon, so I don’t have to do so much math on keeping up with those 16.9 oz bottles. Honestly, how can you not love a free way to keep your skin hydrated and  looking clear?

Well that was a little fast and furious, but I hope you know that this list is really going to make your life easier this winter.  If you have a trick that you do every winter to keep the winter skin woes at bay, let me know because I am always looking to add more products to my arsenal! Comment below with your tips!





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