… be Thankful & Grateful!

Dear Curvy Girls-

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  If you’ve been following my Facebook & Instagram, you’ve seen that this week was my I’m Thankful Week.  I’ve posted about my family, friends, fabulous glam squad, my professional life, but I saved one of the best for last… and that’s YOU!  Since I’ve started my blog over the summer, I am always so humbled by the number of likes, comments, and people who read my blog! This all started with the idea that I could have my close friends and family members keep up with my life and answer their questions that have come up over the years, but this has turned into something bigger that I couldn’t really have imagined. The love and positivity that I get from you all is incredible, appreciated and again, humbling.  Hopefully you’re all finding the topics fun, interesting, and mostly helpful in your everyday life! And know that if there’s a topic that you want me to write about, feel free to email me!

As I get ready to make my mom’s infamous banana pudding for my Friendsgiving plans here in LA (seriously, it’s to die for), I hope that you all have a great day with all the people you’re thankful and grateful for! Okay Curvy Girls, go and enjoy your holiday, the food, and the people you’re sharing it with (don’t forget about the tips from my post last week)!




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