… be a Hair Down There Expert!

Ok, so I’m guilty of having the Khloe Kardashian app for the free 7 day trial.  Maybe it was because she’s been on the news so much lately with all of the Lamar drama or because she cut her hair super cute and short (did you see my big chop this week?), or even that she was my #wcw last week.  Who know, but I think her app is pretty entertaining.  I doubt that I’ll actually buy it for $2.99 a month, but it’s interesting to say the least.  One of the articles that I read on the app call “Let’s Talk About the Hair Down There” was an ode to shaving, waxing, laser treating, vajazzling that special little area really had me thinking.  This has been a topic of many of my girl talk with my gal pals over the years and I swear it always ends with all of us bewildered at all of the options and possibility available out there.  And fortunately (& unfortunately) in Los Angeles, you literally have ever single options at your fingertips, depending on how much you’re willing to spend!

I am by NO means an expert, but with it being 350 day of sunshine/beach season here, being groomed isn’t an option, but a necessity in LA (well, unless you’re all about the all natural lifestyle). This week, let’s get to down to the nitty-gritty on grooming that special spot.  Now, I’m sure some of you are thinking “Honey, I know you live in LA and in the winter I refuse to shave any part of my body when I’m going to be in a crazy amount of layered clothes,” and I get that, trust me (remember I’m am Ohio girl)!  I was the queen of the Hairy Leg Club with a couple of my friends back in the day, but this is good info for all year round.  With so many options, there are some hair removal treatments actually work best in the winter when your skin isn’t as tan and you’re not in the sun a lot.  So stick with me a little longer on this one and take a look at my list of pros, cons, and tips on keeping things neat down there!

Shaving is my least favorite one, but it does the trick for the most part.  The best part is that it’s cheap and you can go to the dollar store to grab a razor and shave cream to get the job done. For my sensitive skin, this is a nightmare with razor burn and the nasty hair bump that appear after a shave session.  I have some friends that swear by a razor to keep their bikini line in shape, but if you’re trying to get anything more than that, this is not the way to go about it.  If you’re not Gumby like me and are a real perfectionist, it’s difficult for you to get every single area with a razor smooth.  I will say if you’re just focusing on the bikini line, this is a good option.

  • Tips
    1. Exfoliate before you start!  I never thought this was important, but it really is a crucial part of the process.  One of my favorites is The Exfoliate by European Wax Center; it’s $38, but last for a while because a little goes a long way and it works amazingly!
    2. Get a good razor!!! Seriously, it does make the world of difference!  I love am obsessed with the Schick Hyrdo Silk Women’s Style Razor because it has a dual purpose: a razor on one end and a trimmer on the other (aka a good option if you’re not going fully bare down there).

Using a Depilatory (Nair or Veet) is an easy way to get rid of more hair quickly cheaply.  Now I have used these products a number of times, but there are definitely pros and cons to think about before you even run to CVS to purchase one.  The one great thing is that you can remove as much or as little hair as you want with a depilatory; if you want to freshen up your bikini line or have a landing strip before vacation, you have the flexibility to do so with this one!  Another great thing, is it’s quick and pretty simple to do because in less than 10 minutes, the whole process can be done.  As great as those pros are, I have to warn that if you have sensitive skin do a test patch first because this product can be strong for the skin.  Also, the smell is a little much when you apply it to the area you’re treating. I would say if you’re trying to get a smooth look with your grooming, try it out and see if what you think; for me, I liked the smoothness and quickness that it offered.

  • Tips
    1. Be careful!  This is a chemical, so you have to make sure you’re protecting yourself.  Grab some disposable plastic gloves to apply the cream to your skin.
    2. Get the right product!  There are a number of depilatory creams out there and it can be confusing, so I recommend either the Veet Aloe Vera Hair Removal Gel Hair Cream or the Nair Spray Away Hair Removal Spray with Moroccan Oil.
    3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!  This is so, so important because the creams are really drying to the skin; the BEST product for any hair down there situation is Bikini Zone Medicated Creme!  I swear by it and know that putting it on after a hair removal session (remember it’s medicated and will have a light sting for about 10 seconds after applying) will save me the annoyance of razor rash, red bumps, itching, or the other crap that comes with grooming.

Waxing is my least favorite grooming option, but is the more effective if you want a smooth and bare look.  The good thing about is you are getting hair at the root, so the growth period is a little longer than both shaving and a depilatory.  If you’re not looking to go completely bare, you have options of how much you want to wax off, which is nice.  The downfall of waxing is that it hurts… bad!  I am definitely not a wimp when it comes to pain, but my first waxing session left me in tears. It’s also more expensive than the other previous options, so be sure to keep that in mind before booking! The other thing, is there are a lot of wax “technicians” (using that term very loosely) out there, but you have to find the right person to do it because the wrong person could burn you with the wax or just not know what they are doing (no bueno!).

  • Tips
    1. Take a couple Advil! This shouldn’t need much explaining after I said it was painful, but Advil will also be able to take any inflammation down after your appointment.
    2. Know your waxer!  I cannot stress this enough because you’re putting your vag in someone else’s hands (literally).  Wax is a tricky thing since it can go wrong really quick if the temperature is too hot or if it’s left on too long, so do your research.  I always hear great things about European Wax Center and it’s all over the US which is awesome!

My favorite way to groom is Laser Hair Removal! Ok, before you skip over this section, let me at least explain how awesome it is!!  I have been doing laser treatments for a year or so and have had great results.  With laser treatments, you have to shave or use a depilatory to remove the hair first (do not wax because  the root of the hair is needed for it to work), then a laser will actually destroys the hair follicle and will prevent the hair growth over time. So if you’re a girl who hates dealing with hair removal this could be a good idea for you, but I do warn that it can be expensive and slightly painful ( I think it’s less painful than waxing). Another thing to mention is that you have to do your research because not all lasers are created equally; some laser do not work on really light or dark skin tones, so be sure to call and talk some before booking an appointment.

  • Tips
    1. Stop ingrown hairs! I noticed that because the hair takes a little longer to grown in, sometime ingrown hairs can happen (which is super annoying).  I love the Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads because they are awesome to use after a treatment.  A quick swipe of the pad for a few days after the treatment (I like to use them after I shower) does the trick.
    2. Winter time is the best time!  Because your skin isn’t tan and isn’t exposed to the elements (sand, ocean water, or sun), the winter is really the best time for you to get laser treatments.
    3. If you’re nervous about the pain, try a topical numbing cream!  Check out this article on the best ones to use.

I know this topic can be a little uncomfortable for some, but honestly what kind of Curvy Girl would I be if I didn’t give you the scoop?!  The most important tip I can give you is that whatever method or style you get, make sure you’re comfortable with it.  I really can’t stress that enough… I’ve heard of girls trying something new for a boyfriend or an anniversary that is totally not for them (vajazzling or full Brazilian) and trust me you want to be comfortable and confident when you’re in a situation where someone is seeing you completely naked.  Remember, I’m not an expert and am sure I do not know every little thing about grooming down there, so if you have something new that I haven’t mentioned, post a comment below!




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