… Deserve so Much More!

Dear Curvy Girls,

This is my open letter to you and your best self!  Did you know that you are so deserving of kindness, love, happiness, and so much more?  Sure this sounds simple, but honestly do you know? I ask because I don’t think I really knew that fact. Over the years, I have been a goal-digger with my eye always on the prize of how to get to the next level, but I didn’t always get what I deserved in the process.  I felt like I was always trying to prove that I could do things just as well or better than the boys, the thin girls, the smart kids, the whoever’s I thought I might have been in competition with at the time.  When I was 17 years old and was in the middle of my college search, a group of classmates decided to go around and announce our potential college choices.  Finally, when it was my turn to say “I’m going to The University of Toledo,” I instantly heard a popular girl start laughing.  I just looked at her and asked what was funny and she relied “You’ll be back here with the rest of us going to community college.”  That was the moment I knew I needed to push myself harder to accomplish my goals no matter what and unfortunately, at times have neglect the fact that I deserve better while getting to where I want to be.

Now at 31, with many goals accomplished (2 degrees, an incredible resume, good job), I am just figuring out that I’m deserving of much more than I have been settling for.  In work situations, I’ve let people take my ideas or throw me under the bus for things they needed a scapegoat for, with friendships, I have let friends use me or throw little digs out to me (you know the “You’re cute for a big girl” comments), and in relationships, I’ve let men deliver excuse after excuse on why they can’t, won’t, and will not do very basic thing to nourish a relationship.  While I’ve start to figure it out, I feel it’s my duty with this blog to practice what I preach.  So Curvy Girls, it’s time for us to put ourselves first, stop listening to the nay-sayers, and believe that we deserve the best that life has to offer!  The days of letting things slide and trying to work myself to death to prove people wrong are done (I have to do it for me, myself, and I); instead I am put stock and value in the things that will make me a better woman, while putting the things I deserve (happiness, respect, & love) as the forefront of my thought & decision process.  This life is too short to live a life that’s not satisfying in every aspect and I hope that this short letter will remind you that no matter how much of a goal-digger you are, remember what you deserve!




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