… Get Motivated!

Between the Pope visiting the US and my anxiousness about all of my favorite shows coming to back to TV (I mean how can you not love EmpireScandal, How to Get Away with Murder, and Nashville?), that I have literally been dialed in on my TV all week.  I am a sucker for a good TV show, but I am feeling mighty guilty about just sitting around pretending to be Olivia Pope with a bag of popcorn and bottle of wine beer.  This phase of laziness really started when I injured my foot over a month ago while tripping hitting uneven pavement on a sidewalk and totally wiped out (embarrassing x 1,000).  I initially thought that the little pain I had would go away in a day, but after 5 days of my big toe being swollen with lots of pain walking, countless hours of ice therapy, and too many Advil to count, I realized that I needed to really stay off of my foot and let it heal.  Thankfully, my foot and toe weren’t broken and that I’m feeling 100% better after 6 weeks!  It was really difficult the first week or so of not working out because it was messing with my routine, so I opted to try walking around my block for 15-20 (the amount of time I could go before the pain got crazy).  After that for 10 days, I got use to being lazy and just relaxing; I have to admit it felt wonderful for me to just relax because I try to stay busy with all of my life commitments.  Now that I’m feeling so much better, it has been impossible for me to get motivated again, until I heard about the Curvy Yogi on Buzzfeed.  This woman is incredibly motivation not because she’s an incredible Yogi who’s a big girl… it’s because she’s so confident in her abilities and size!   Her message and attitude really are contagious for someone like me who needs a little push to get back on the figurative horse.

Now that I’ve admitted that I’ve been in a lazy phase and am unmotivated, where do I start?  To me that’s the easiest question; I start at my soulmate workout: Kardio Krunk!  I mentioned my love for it several posts ago, but I think for me it’s more than a work out because it feels like I’m a back dancer to the instructor, Jeffery Larosa-Adams.  His encouraging words and positive demeanor has a crazy effect on all of his students (ranging from early 20s to mid 70s) who gravitate to him.  So this week, I thought that as much motivation and encouragement that I need, I would ask Jeffery to give all of us Curvy Girls a few exercises to try to get us going on a healthy fitness journey!

Exercise 1: Cardio

Exercise 2: Biceps

Exercise 3: Glutes

Exercise 4: Stretch

How excited are you to try these out? I know I am!  I think that the most motivating & important piece of advice that Jeffrey has offered to me as student is “honor where you are.”  No matter if you’re starting to work out for the first time or you’re an advanced Yogi, you have to honor where you’re at in your journey.  So don’t worry about comparing yourself to the overly enthusiastic girl in your class who kills it every time, instead use her as motivation to push yourself harder and be better than you were last class.  This is your journey, so focus on your successes, wins, milestones and motivating others around you by giving props to others who are giving it their all.   Trust me that’s good karma will make its way back to you one day!  

If you are interested in learning more about Jeffrey and Kardio Krunk, follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and check out his class schedule.  He’s incredible and I hope that he’ll be as big of a motivator for you as he is for me!




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