… Channel Her Inner Victoria’s Secret Model!

After a GREAT weekend of hanging with my best friend, MariJo, I am a renewed woman this week!  Sometime I forget how awesome it is to spend quality time with a best friend, especially when many of my bffs are scattered throughout the US and I rarely see them. But the minute MariJo step off the curb at LAX, I got a feeling of my favorite parts of home, every funny story we’ve shared, and instant happiness all rolled into one; the perfect combo for me to let the stress melt away and just get off my crazy LA life pedestal (you know, all of my big hair, makeup, lashes, and clothing craziness) and getting back to being a simple Ohio girl again (MariJo doesn’t put up with me any other way, which I love).  We spent the weekend watching football, seeing an improv show, taking in the views at The Getty, and catching up over lots of yummy drinks… so seriously an AMAZING weekend!  As sad as I was when she left, I was so thankful for a great and peaceful weekend:)

Now that I’m back to reality and NYFW (New York Fashion Week for you non-fashionista) is happening right now, I have seen some incredible articles, videos, and just support for our Curvy Girl Nation (a MUST see on the Curvy Girls Can… Facebook Page)!  I have always loved Fashion Week (so much so that I volunteered at LA Fashion Week when I first moved to LA… check out the pic!) and have followed the the trends from the runways to figure out what the new, hot, sexy, and doable looks are for my curves. Of course, not everything is made for a curvy girls, but this year I am noticing that the fashion world is FINALLY embracing the plus size community with featuring beautiful, curvy models on the runways and sexy styles to highlight a women’s curves. The days of stick thin models and size 00 clothing on the runway aren’t over, but they are certainly numbered with the empowering Fashion Week campaign from Lane Bryant (#PlusIsEqual) and with Addition Elle featuring a lingerie clad Ashley Graham in their runway show!  I mean, look at how incredibly sexy & curvy the women in the Lane Bryant #PlusIsEqual video that debuted this week with a huge Time Square announcement!

So sexy, right? I am really excited that this movement is FINALLY happening because we are the majority of the consumers purchasing clothing now (don’t think so? check out this study!). This is an important topic that needs to be discussed more in our society, but I definitely do not want to preach on my soapbox too much this week because there’s a better and more fun topic at hand: channeling your inner Victoria’s Secret’s model in lingerie!

Now that I have gotten that out (my soapbox is put away for now), I was totally inspired this week with all of the beautiful lingerie that has been featured on the runways!  As pretty and sexy as lingerie is, it can be pretty intimidating when you think about actually putting it on and possibly wearing it in front of someone. In my early 20s, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something so sexy because I didn’t have the classic “Victoria Secret” model look, but with time I have learned to embrace my body, curves, and my attitude about being sexy. The biggest insecurity I had to get over was the thought of being rejected by the person I was wearing it for (a hard feeling to shake), but I relieved that when you’re in a comfortable and respectful relationship with your partner, rejection isn’t even a thought on that person mind (hello you’re in sexy lingerie!). Once I got that insecurity out of my mind, I started to believe and own that I was MADE to wear sexy lingerie for not only him, but for myself too (who doesn’t like to feel sexy)! I am a firm believer that feeling confident and secure in lingerie is all about finding a piece that fits comfortably, makes me feel sexy, and expressed my personality.  When there is a perfect mix of those three things, it’s totally worth buying for your own self (bae will just reap the benefits)!

If you’re new to lingerie or you think that you’re not really comfortable wearing it, let me give you some options on how to start you’re lingerie journey!  With all of these pieces, there is one MUST HAVE item that each one needs: confidence. There have been a number of times that I put something yummy on and the butterflies & nerves start building up in my belly, but I put on some great music (my boo Robin Thicke always makes me feel sexy), look in the mirror, take it in, and really think about how I feel in the piece and how much I actually love myself in it. That small step puts me in the right mood and frame of mind to be confident in what I’m wearing.

Now that I’ve told you the most important thing about wearing lingerie, it’s finally time to give you my favorite lingerie looks from the the sweetest, most innocent looks to the most risque! Take a look below at the categories that most matches your personality and see what my suggestions are!

Little Miss Sweet & Innocent

Bra and Panties Blue

Sassy & Sexy

one piece lingerie

  • I’m loving obsessed with Ashley Graham’s Lingerie line (seriously stunning), especially the Underwire Mesh Inset Chemise.  It’s simple, yet sexy with the strappy neckline and lace sides.  Her entire line is sold at Nordstrom and is worth ever penny!
  • Torrid is really one of my favorite places to get lingerie, because of they have so many options, including this really sexy Microfiber & Lace Garter Chemise.  The color is gorgeous and has enough sexiness on it’s own, but if you want to enhance the look by using the garter with stocking (I’m a big fan of a Lace Top Stockings), you will definitely have your boo feelin’ all over you!
  • Sometimes a more playful look can bring out your sassy & sexy personality.  How adorable is this Retro Floral Bralette and High Waisted Gartered Panty Set by Yandy?  Yea, it’s already in my online shopping cart:)

Video Vixen Wannabe

black see thru 1 piece

  • A really sexy look that will have your boo doing a double take is Eyelet Lace Babydoll Set (the aqua is giving me life x 10)!  This set makes me want to put on a little Sexy Therapy by Robin Thicke, grab a bottle of bubbly, light lots of candles, and wait for bae to come home from work… talk about a sexy welcome home greeting!
  • Now if you’re one of those girls who loves the romper look, you will adore this V-Neck Lace Romper from Yandy! The low cut back is everything for this look, so put your hair up in a messy bun and show your assets, hunny!
  • For the extra naughty vixens out there, the Lace Details Bra and Garter is the perfect piece to take a picture of and send to your boo in the middle of the day as a preview for the night!

Looking for Mr. Grey

sexy bandage look

  • The very sexy Bandage Style Bra and Garterbelt features the strappy neckline that is a really trendy right now and has the effect to make anyone look busty and sexy (aka a perfect combo to get your boo going)!
  • Another great bandage look that is sexy and has the potential to have your boo’s jaw on the ground, is Bandage Bustier!  With the right thigh-high stockings for the garter and strappy heels, you will literally have your “Mr. Grey” fantasies come true.
  • To be a little mysterious with bae, pair the Mon Amour Charmeuse Corset with this Lace Eye Mask. A little mystery can make for an interesting night, right?!

Well Curvy Girls, are you feeling confident and sexy after seeing my lingerie picks? I know I’ll be shopping for a few of these looks because they’re just too cute to pass up!  Just remember that the most important thing when shopping and wearing lingerie is that you feel comfortable, confident and your sexiest; if you don’t feel any of those things, then it’s not right piece for you.  And let’s be honest the sexiest thing any girl can wear is confidence!  What kind of lingerie do you like to put on to feel sexy? Comment below and let’s chat about it!




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