… Bat an Eye(lash)!

Now I’m a sucker for make up (did you see my post on Giving Face?!), but a good eyelash look is gag worthy in my book!  I just love how full, long, sexy lashes look, no matter if it’s achieved with mascara, fake lashes, or extensions; it always takes a basic make up look to the next level.  I have definitely tried a lot of different mascaras in my time to try to get that really long, full lash look I’m obsessed with, but it always fell a little short.  The only way for me to get that look is by wearing falsies and that’s really not practical for the work week (dramatic much, right?), so I decided that I would try eyelash extensions.  When I heard about them in 2009, I knew that I wanted to give them a try at some point, but it’s a little nerve racking when you don’t know much about the process and the sticker shock price is incomprehensible.  I looked at Groupon and Lifebooker for deals, but I was still really apprehensive about getting it done (this is my eye were foolin’ with, people!). It also didn’t help that I have lots of friends and family members who thought “you’re beautiful the way you are” (thanks guys!) and would end up talking me out of actually getting it done. Of course, I love my friends and family a lot and value their advice, but this was something I HAD to try!

This whole thing started last week when I was getting a blow out and I heard my stylist and another one of her clients taking about eyelash extensions.  The client said she had just gotten them done and was really loving them!  I tried to look closely at her eyes, but I literally couldn’t tell that she had them! They weren’t over-the-top gaudy nor had that fake lash look, instead they looked like well manicured, natural full lashes with a bit of mascara… I was super impressed!  I immediately started asking her questions about how long did it take, where did she go to get them done, did it hurt, was there any pressure on her eye?  It was like I was interviewing her, but she was so sweet in answering my non-stop questions.  Before my blow out was over, I had started researching on Yelp, asked for a reference from friends, and ended up calling Carly at LA Lash to speak with her about how it worked.  She was awesome with answering my questions and reassuring me about any doubts I was having; after our 10-minute conversation I was booked for the upcoming Saturday!

When I went to the eyelash salon, I was met with a very pretty and calm environment and Carly, who was my technician, giving me a quick consultation about the type of lashes she was going to use and the look I was trying to achieve.  Luckily, Carly had my ideal lash look and length, so it was easy for her to get an idea of the look I wanted: full, long, & natural. With all of the important consultation details out of the way, I laid down on a comfortable table (think massage table) and she got started!  First, she combed my lashes out with a clean mascara wand, put down the adhesive pad on my bottom lashes (no one has time for your lashes to get stuck to each other with the lash glue!), and started gluing the lashes on with a very gentle touch.  I was really worried that I would feel some kind of pressure with attaching each lash (a big no-no after the eye surgery), but I was so happy that I hardly felt her even touching my lashes.  The only thing that I would warn advise to anyone interested in getting this service, is that it’s not a quick and fast process. My appointment was for an hour and a half, but ended up being two hours. It doesn’t sound like a crazy amount of time, but sitting in with your eyes closed for 2 hours while trying to be still is a little tortuous.  Even though the process was a little lengthier than promised (I guess I have very curly lashes, which can be a challenge), it was WELL worth it, right?

The Before and After pics of my lash extensions!
I must say I’m in LOVE and OBSESSED with these lashes!  At first, I thought they were a little heavy feeling, but once the glue fully dried (about a 24 hours later) they felt  completely natural. My favorite part of this whole process is that there’s no need for mascara!  It sounds like the smallest part of a glam session, but if you’re like me and put on 3 coats per eye, it’s a time saver!  I definitely have been a little cautious with them when washing my face and taking make up, but the best advice Carly gave me was DO NOT use oil based make up removers.  Thank goodness she said that immediately because I’m a fan of coconut oil to remove my make up (have you tried?  if you haven’t, check it out!).  The other tip that was great to know is that the lashes don’t need much fussing over; I literally take the little eyelash brush I received after the service to fan them out in the morning after the shower when their a little damp.  I’m sure I’ll have more updates on the whole experience when I get my first fill, so be sure to follow me on Facebook!

What do you think of my lashes, Curvy Girls?  If you have tried eyelash extensions and have some tips for me, definitely comment below!




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