… Give a Fab Gift!

My vacation was so fun and filled with lots of family fun!
If you saw my Facebook or Instagram over the last week, you know that I was on a mini vacation to Ohio to see my family!  I definitely get in these moods where I just need to get out of the city and get back to basics.  Thankfully, my little cousins wedding was the perfect excuse to head home for a little R & R!  Even though I was only home for a couple days, it was enough to motivate me to get through the next couple months before my next trip home and to remember why I decided to move away (coming home is way more special now!).

Okay, enough about how relaxed and happy I am about my trip… this week’s blog is about giving fabulous gifts!  With a number of personal events coming up in the next couple months, I am already starting my search for the perfect gifts for my friends and family.  Luckily for you, I am known for my gift-giving style and can give you some of my favorite gift ideas and advice on picking a fabulous gift!

The most important part of starting the gift-giving process to me, is figuring out what you’re budget is for the gift.  It seems like a basic concept, but there have been several times where I have over purchased for a gift.  By considering how much you want to spend before going to the store or printing the registry will save you from buying too much when you get to the store to purchase.  Also, think about a theme for the gift; it sounds weird, but I normally think of a theme and buy items that will fit in with it.  For example, I had a girlfriend who had registered for crock pot for her wedding, but to enhance the gift, I purchased an inexpensive Crock Pot Cookbook and some Slow Cooker Liners.  With that being said, be creative when it comes to gift that are from the registry.  There have been times that some of the registry items are too expensive from me to afford and other times when I’ve waited too long and all of the items have been purchased.  My personal idea is buying one or two items from the registry and then adding another personal gift to it.  It’s the best of both worlds; the receiver gets items they want/need and you get to give them something special that you thought of (I call that a #winwin)!

Now if my advice is too much creativity and you just want to get something special, then take a look at some gifts I’ve given in the past that were fan favorites and some of the gift ideas on my personal gift list for all types of occasions!


For Her

  • The Hammered Hand Stamped Necklace is a perfect gift for your Mom, BFF or even for a new Mom!  I got this as a “friendship” gift for my bff for Christmas that was stamped YMP (if you weren’t obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy like we were, that’s you’re my person), so I have it in gold and she has it in silver!
  • If you’re bff has finally moved into her own place and she’s as sassy as my bffs, get her a Pardon My Resting B#tch Face Mug for her morning cup of joe!

For Him

  • If you have men in your life who LOVE beer, then giving a gift membership to a Craft Beer Club or an IPA Beer Making Kit could be the perfect gift depending on how crazy of a beer fa you’re buying for.
  • For your beard loving boyfriend, get him special Beard Oil to keep his facial mane tamed.  If he loves it, they have a monthly subscription option as well!
  • When your brother gets a new jobs and you need a good gift to stay congrats, I would suggest checking out The Catchall Valet to keep him organized!  This charging station turned key, watch, and wallet holder is a sleek wood design and is awesome to keep really anyone organized.

For Them

  • They say ” Happy Wife, Happy Life”, so why not embrace it with a set of Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right Glasses.  Super cute and given to the right couple, I’m sure you’ll get a few giggles when they open the gift!
  • As a wedding gift, I got my dear friend and her husband Personalized Shot Glasses with their last name!  They ended loving the gift and using them at the wedding!
  • I always think it’s cute when a new couple moves into a new home or purchases their first house mto get them something special like a Family Name Chalkboard Print (all you need is a cute frame).

For Special Occasions

  • Going to a Housewarming for a co-worker and don’t want to bring a boring candle?  Order these fun Agate Coasters from Forever 21.
  • Grab small bottles of whiskey (Jameson Irish Whiskey is my personal favorite!) and Whiskey Rocks that keep the drinks cold without the annoyance of ice melting for a special gift for the groomsmen in your wedding.
  • I love getting custom and fun gifts for baby showers like funny onesies, college-inspired pacifiers, or personalized monogramed onesie.  If you run out of time to order a custom gift, a good go-to gift is Sophie la Girafe; it’s seriously one those gift that all of my wonderful friends who are parents ended up loving for their kids!
  • Have a family member heading to college? A Chalk Board Macbook Cover is a great gift to give to make sure they are protecting that new computer they might get from Mom & Dad without breaking the bank!

Hopefully these ideas are starting points for the next time you have to purchase a fabulous gift, but honestly any gift you’re giving will be an awesome surprise to the receiver!  What kinds of gifts do you like to give? If you have a fun and creative gift idea share it below, so that I can add it to my list!




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