… Teach Them to Love a Boss Chick!


Well it’s almost the end of Wednesday and in the Twitter-verse, Instagram land, Facebook kingdom it #wcw!  I am not the best at using hashtags, but I do have a special affinity for supporting women, so this post is dedicated to a special #wcw (that’s Woman Crush Wednesday if you’re scratching your head in wonderment): my Independent, Curvy, Boss chicks!  I know you’ve seen them around or maybe you are one, but these are the women who seem to have many parts of their life dialed in.  They hussle to be the best in their careers (and they usually are), are loyal to friends and family, value their independence and freedom, believe in building other women up, truly embrace their curves and body, and my favorite thing, they want a man, but don’t need man (especially one who thinks she needs him to rescue her).  These real-life versions of TV’s Olivia Pope or Raina James, raise the bar of how to be a sexy, independent, and classy woman.

As I mentioned, the one thing I truly adore about these women is that they aren’t focused solely on needing a bae. Of course they may want one if they are single, but it’s not the main focus in their decision-making process.  Nowadays I’ve noticed, especially here in LA, that men find this to be an attractive attribute, but do not put the necessary energy towards making these independent ladies feel like #1 in the relationship.   About several months ago, I stumbled upon a Cosmo article called 18 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Woman Who Has Her Sh*t Together and knew immediately that it was an important read for every man looking for one of the #wcw ladies I talked about earlier.  I’ve done my fair share of dating in the last year and have seen men not fully understand the concept of an independent women who has it together.  These guys will persuade you, wine and dine you, but can they actually put forth the effort to hold you down without making feeling bad for being a curvy boss chick?  If you’re dealing with dating a guy who’s not stepping up his game or you’re looking for a good guy, but aren’t finding any who get it, then it’s time for you to send him the Cosmo article and my personal to do list of things a man should know when you date a Curvy Girl who has it together!

Dating a Curvy Girl Who Has Her Sh*t Together To Do List

#1 Because She’s Curvy, Doesn’t Mean She’s Not Active.  If you haven’t seen some of the articles all over the web, curvy girls are killing it when it come to fitness!  Don’t just plan dates based on sitting around… Plan a hike, a night of trampoline jumping at Sky Zone, or even a fun class she’s be dying to try out.  By think outside of the box and getting physical, you’ll make lasting memories for both of you and new-found respect for how kick ass your girl is when she kills it at each activity!

#2 Show Her Off in Public! Now if you’ve been paying attention to my blog and social media, I keep my looks on point and there’s nothing better to have your boo take you out all dressed up and show you off with pride.  Sure, a you might take your girl out to dinner every weekend on date night, but you HAVE to take it to the next level!  Have your boo get all dolled up for date night and make a reservation at her favorite restaurant or a new one she wants to try in the city and then head to a sexy bar after for a nightcap.  Don’t forget those special little touches like holding hands, only looking at her (no wondering eyes, buddy), and tell her how luck you are to have the sexiest woman in the place on your arm. Trust… She’s gonna love it!

#3 Don’t Be Wasteful with Her Time & Energy!  One thing that annoys me is the guy who says or thing and don’t follow through!  The biggest things to waste are a person’s time & energy, so be upfront if you already have plans with the boys or maybe you’ve seen your girl a few nights that week and need alone time… It doesn’t matter, just tell her the deal!  We go through our work day dealing with client who cancel last-minute, send monotonous hours at our desk emailing, and hearing about petty office politics, so the last thing we want to deal with is bae wasting more time by flaking or making up a lame excuse for not calling back to confirm plans.

#4 Understand that She’s a Boss!  It’s not everyday that you can date a women who has it together professionally, socially, and personally.  By letting her know you understand that she’s busy and value the time you spend together is mega brownie points!  Take time out of your day to text her good luck on a big meeting she has with a big client, give her a call before bed to see how her day went after a long week, or when you finally see her give her a little foot rub.

#5 If You Want Her, Show Her! It’s easy to wine and dine someone, but if your feelin’ her then you should show her.  I’m not saying being the guy with flowers at the airport when she’s back from a work trip isn’t cute, but texting her how much you miss her when she’s working crazy hours or coming over with her favorite coffee drink before a breakfast date goes a long way!  Small things sometimes shows that you’re in thinking about her daily and care for her well-being, so make the effort to show her that you are thinking about her and miss her from time to time.  Trust me it’s a nice treat!

So my lovely #wcw, I hope that my basic to-do list will shed some light to your boos on how to manage a relationships with you sexy, curvy boss chicks!  If your guy isn’t doing these things or refuses to acknowledge them, then you might want to reevaluate what you’re willing to accept in a relationship (I know I have a number of times).  I think it’s important for you to know that this list is a starting point to figure out what you need from your boo.  Take some time, thinks about your needs verses your wants with a man, and add to my list!  If you’re not shy, post your “to-do” in the comments because I wanna hear it:)



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