… be the Hostest with the Mostest!

As I announced a week or so ago, I was supposed to have LASIK surgery!  I got lots of comments on how GREAT of a procedure it is and how freeing it is to wake up and not have to worry about grabbing glasses or putting contacts in.  That small fact alone had me literally over-the-moon excited for the procedure to get done!  Well, unfortunately I was not able to go through the surgery because I had something called a Macular Hole (aka a hole in my retina).  After speaking with my wonderful Retina Specialist and having not-so-fun eye testing, I ended up having an emergency laser surgery to help reduce the risk on the retinal holes getting larger.  This is slightly typical when you’re nearsighted, but it’s definitely not a fun or pain-free thing to deal with.  Thankfully I have awesome INCREDIBLE doctors, a FABULOUS mother and sister who took care of me afterwards, and GREAT friends who checked on and supported me from all over:)  Luckily, the uncomfortable feeling lasted only a day after my surgery, so I was able to enjoy some much-needed family time with my mom and sister, who can into town for the LASIK surgery.

Normally, I am overly excited for visitors to come to see my in LA, but this time with having my eye surgery, I became a ball of stress!  Thank goodness I’m a planner by nature and planned a ton of things for the three of us to do in LA that weren’t “touristy”.  One of the things I try to do always do is ask what my visitors want to do and incorporate that place into my overall plan.  It’s not fun for your visitor to come to a new city and not see the things they want to see, but it’s also not a lot of fun for you, as the host, to take people to a place you’ve been to a million times or deal with crazy tourist attractions.  So, for you lovely curvy girls who entertain visitors and get stuck going to every tourist attraction, you need to read my Hostest with the Mostest Guide.  This guide isn’t just for guests coming to visit, it’s my personal rules on how to make any event FABULOUS or guest OBSESSED with whatever you’re putting together!  Clearly, as a professional Event Planner, I have seen it ALL, so there are a lot of tricks that I just keep in my back pocket for all kinds of occasions, including when I have visitors.  As I continue to post, you’ll hear more about this guide, but for today, I’ll share a few tips that I used when my sister and mom where in LA and that will keep you and your out-of-town guests loving your city and you a little more:)

Hostest with the Mostest Guide: Out of Town Guests Addition

Tip 1: Local Magazines and Blogs are the BEST way to see what’s new and happening in your city!  I have gotten a number of restaurant & bar suggestions, buzz on new museums or shops, and even the fun facts about LA that I didn’t know (Did you know you could bring a lunch to Dodger Stadium on non-game days and eat in the stands?  Yep, here are the deats!) from these periodicals. As much as it’s an experience for your guests to go to a new place, it’s a perfect excuse for you to try a new place or experience out with people who aren’t jaded by your city (you know you have friends who don’t like to discover new things in your city).  Do a little research and potentially find you’re new favorite restaurant, bar, or boutique!

Tip 2: Think outside of the box when it comes to things to do!  One of my favorite things to do when I have visitors is to taken them wine tasting in Malibu!  It’s a bit of a drive, but every person I take there enjoys the scenic views and the relaxing environment.  Check out those local magazines I mentioned earlier for fun activities that your visitors would be into that they wouldn’t normally do.  Is there a food truck festival that is happening or an outdoor screening of a classic movie that would be fun to see again?  Those kinds of out-of-the-box ideas make your guests feel less like a visitor in an unfamiliar city, but more like a local exploring a new city.  By adding out-of-the-box experiences like that, you’ll give them something they’ll rave about when they go home and tell their friends and family about their trip.

Tip 3: Adding some fun physical activities to the your itinerary!  Yes, your out-of-towners want to relax and visit with you, but by adding a little physical element to what you already got goin’ on will add a unique twist to your activity.  Instead of just going to the beach and laying out, rent bikes and take a ride on a beach path or maybe take an uber to a close restaurant in your hood and after you’ve filled your bellies, take a nice stroll home (I swear that’s the best way to digest yummy foods).  On one of my mom’s visits, we ended up taking a walk around the block after breakfast and ended up yard sale hopping and finding awesome things for my place; it’s one of her favorite things we’ve done on a visit!  Of course, keep in mind who’s visiting and any limitations they may have, but think of ideas first and then recommended it to them to test the waters.  Who knows, they maybe more down for an adventure that you thought!

Tip 4: Don’t forget to add the special touches!  One of my favorite things to do when I have visitors is to have that person’s favorite food or wine in the fridge or fresh flowers in their sleeping area; I’ve even purchased cheap slippers for them to wear on my sometime cold hardwood floors during their visit.  It’s all in the details when making someone feel welcome in your home!

Pretty good tips, right? Just remember that as long as you’re having fun and not stressing, it’ll be a great trip for everyone!  Look at some of the fun pictures from my mom and sister’s trip last week; hopefully they’ll inspire you the next time you have visitors in town!  What fun and unique things you’ve done with your out-of-town guests?  You know I want to hear about them, so don’t forget to comment below:)  Until next time Curvy Girls…



Family time at the winery!

A quick selfie between wine tastings!
My sister on the red carpet! Who wouldn’t want a pic like this in LA?!
We had to add a Kardio Krunk workout in on this trip!

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