… Rock a Bikini!

We’re only a day away from the 4th of July, which means yummy foods, time in the water,  fireworks, and most importantly fun times with friends and family!  The fourth isn’t my all-time favorite holiday, but it definitely has a special meaning to me; I have a number of family members who have served in the armed services, my dad included, and fought for my and other’s freedom.  That fact alone makes me so proud to be an American!!  Hopefully, everyone can take a couple minute throughout the holiday and reflect on how blessed we are to be in a country where we have some many amazing liberties and freedoms.

I was fortunate enough to start my holiday weekend early by spending a couple days at a work retreat just outside of Temecula, CA.  I got a chance to have some delicious cocktails, get a massage, and have some much needed and deserved pool time!  Now, it’s always a weird challenge when you’re at a work function when booze are involved (water & moderation are key!), but adding bathing suits can be even more nerve-racking.  As I started talking to a couple co-workers about the pool party at our retreat, a few insecurities crept into my head about my curviness, being too sexy in my suit (#bigboobproblems), making sure everything stays in place, etc.  It was odd because outside of work, I could careless and wear whatever I want, but that little bit of  insecurity pressure took over.  Of course, I have several types of bathing suits that I like to wear for different occasions like water workouts, beach days, or even vacation, so I have LOTS of options.  I decided to try on several suits the night before and make a conservative choice, which happened to be a modest pink animal print one-piece.  In my mind, it was safe and easy for a work trip and I wouldn’t worry as much about those pesky insecurity .  As the night went on and I started seeing the comments/posts from friends and family about this blog on social media (thank you all for your support!!!!), I knew I needed to get those insecurities out of my head and start living what I preach: curvy girls can… do whatever the hell they want!  And I wanted was to wear a fun, sexy high waisted bikini!  I stuffed my black rouged bikini bottoms and a strapping black and white abstract top into my bag and felt good that I went with my gut.  When I walked out to the pool party, I felt so confident and not like I was hiding something in the one-piece.  And I didn’t once think about the things that were holding me back:)  If this story teaches you anything, follow your gut no matter what!  Your happiness and confidence depends on it, so make a splash and do what feels rights:)

Check out my pics from the pool party and links to my favorite bathing suit lines! If you have a favorite place to get fabulous swimsuits, tell me about it below!

I had to add a little pop of color with my electic blue sunglasses!

Adding hair jewlery is such a fun way to play with accessories when your lounging by the pool!
The perfect accessory for bathing suit season is confidence!
My favorite bathing suit shops:

  • For fun and sexy bathing suits for cheap check out Forever 21+!  My top in the pics is from there:)
  • I always love the cute and classic suits from Torrid!  The bottoms in my pic are from there, but it looks like they had a similar looking suit on their site!
  • For a LBB (little black bikini), check out ASOS!  These suits are classic, sexy, and good for ALL occasions, just like a LBD:)
  • If I have limited time and funds, I head to Target to get reasonably price suit (under $40) that are bold and bright!  Their new line Ava & Viv has upped their game when I comes to plus size clothing, so don’t miss out, especially because a lot of it’s on sale!
  • For something that will blow everyone out of the water, check out City Chic!  These sexy bathing suits and cover ups will definitely leave a last impression on people!





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