… have Beyonce hair!

So over the last 3 weeks, I have been wanting a change with my hair.  I really wanted to cut it short in a wavy, blunt bob that so many celebrities are rocking (check them out), but after talking to 3 out of the 4 hairstylist I go to (yes, I have 4 because you need a back up, for the back up, for the back up), they all screamed said NO.  I have been trying to grow it out for the last 4 years and I finally have it to a nice length, but my hair has become uber boring with the same go-to stylesI wear day in and day out.  So, what to do, what to do…  One of my wonderful stylist, Kelly at Kelly Wxxd- Glam Studio offered the suggestion of getting a weave (extensions if you’re not up with the lingo).  Now I am not opposed to a delicious weave, but it’s summer in LA and it’s HOT!  No one has time to deal with tons of hair, trying to stay cool, and the lack of putting it up a real pony tail (a go-to for me), but Ms. Kelly reminded me of all of the incredible benefits of a weave:

  • Phenomenal hair growth! With my hair braided underneath the extension hair, I’m not put unnecessary heat in my real hair.
  • The ease of the “brush and go” style! All I need to do is brush it, make sure everything is blended well, and go! AMAZING!!!!
  • Sexy hair= Extra confidence!  No brainer on this one:)

Those 3 things were enough for me to run to His and Her Hair, grabbing 18 inches of silky, virgin body wave human hair for Kelly to install.  If you have never purchased hair, it’s a fairly easy process, but you HAVE to do your research.  I started by looking on Pinterest and seeing hair styles I liked and found inspiration with wavy styles with a side part (my signature look).  After my pinning session, I went to the His and Her Hair store at the recommendation of a lot of my friends (THANK YOU!!) because they have a large selection and are known in LA to have incredible stock.  The sales clerk I worked with was very knowledgable about the products and actually recommended a couple types of hair to me after I showed her some of the images I pinned.  I ended up with the body wave style of hair because it has a little more versatility than just straight or completely curly hair, which is perfect to spice up my summer.  Once I had the hair and the look I envisioned, I gave Kelly a call and booked my appointment!  She is a really talented stylist with so much wisdom (she’s like my therapist at time when I’m in a turnt up mood over life’s drama haha) and let me tell you, homegirl can get me looking spectacular in 45 minutes, which is slightly unheard of.  I can’t really thank her enough for making me into a pseudo-Beyonce for the summer because within days I have been flipping’, twistin’, and posin’ like no one’s business with this hair in.  If you’re in LA, she’s one of the best to go to!  And trust me you will hear more about her and the rest of my GLAM Squad of hair stylist throughout this blog, I just can’t give away all of my secrets at the beginning (baby steps, my loves).

Check it out some pics from my first weekend of “long hair, don’t care” season!  Kelly put some work into making me look and feel like $1,000,000!  Don’t forget to tell me what you think below and if you have any weave tips for me.

Until next time… xoxo,


Multi shot





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